Review | The One Memory of Flora Banks - Emily Barr

Title | The One Memory of Flora Banks

Author | Emily Barr 

Publisher | Penguin Random House Children's 

Genre | Teen / YA 

Source | Review Copy 

Pages | 320 Pages

Purchase | Amazon 

My Rating | 5/5 

You always remember your first kiss.
Flora remembers nothing else...

"I look at my hands. One of them says 'Flora, be brave'. I am Flora."

Flora has anterograde amnesia. She can't remember anything day-to-day: the joke her friend made, the instructions her parents gave her, how old she is.

Then she kisses someone she shouldn't have kissed - and the next day she remembers it. The first time she's remembered anything since she was ten.

But the boy is gone.

Desperate to hold onto the memory, she sets off to the Arctic to find him.

Why can she remember Drake? Could he be the key to everything else she's forgotten?

This book without a doubt is definitely the one to watch for 2017, it will undoubtedly be BIG in the world of YA. I wouldn't be surprised if Zoella picked it up and added it to her book club collection. 

I can't remember the last time that I cried at the ending of a book so hard. The One Memory of Flora Banks touches issues of illness, survival, heartache, the quest of true love all wrapped up with one girl with memory loss. 

Flora Banks is seventeen years old and she has memory loss. She has been told by her parents that she had a tumor when she was ten years old and has memory loss due to the operation that took part of her brain away. She fails to remember anything beyond a couple of hours. So when her memory resets itself multiple times a day she has only the words to explain who she is and what she must do.
Flora is the girl who writes on her hand - "Flora - Be Brave". She takes medicine every day. She has anterograde amnesia. She has failed to remember anything since she was ten years old. She has all her memories from before the operation, but nothing since.

Until she kissed Drake. On the beach. She remembers that. 

But he has gone to the Arctic - a place he has longed to live. But Flora must stay here - in Penzance. Her parents have gone to France to be with Jacob; her brother and Flora is staying at home with Paige. But Drake was Paige's boyfriend and she knows about the kiss, so they are not friends anymore.

Flora, despite her memory loss and the restrictions everyone has placed on her decides to go to the Arctic to find Drake. And so begins Flora Banks' adventure.

Each page was compelling, and although repetitive through the voice of Flora's narration, you really find yourself immersed deeply into the mind of Flora in a way I haven't seen an author do before. As I turned each page I did with an earnest to travel further with Flora and discover what becomes of her. 

What I wasn't quite expecting was the ending which had me reaching for tissues and sobbing my heart out. I adore Flora Banks, and I think she is a superb role model to showcase that you really can do anything you put your mind to. 

If one thing is for sure is that as a reader, you fall undeniably in love with Flora's story. You will not only cheer her on and want the very best for her but you will feel a fierce protective nature towards her. Just reminiscing now as I write this has had a flurry of tears run from my eyes as this book has etched its name and the memory of it upon my heart. 

Well done and congratulations Emily Barr on your young adult novel. It is simply outstanding. 

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