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Title | The Legacy of Lucy Harte 

Author | Emma Heatherington 

Publisher | HarperImpulse

Purchase | Amazon 

'Sometimes time is all we have with the people we love the most. I ask you to slow down in life. To take your time, but don’t waste it….’

Maggie O'Hara knows better than most that life can change in a heartbeat. Eighteen years ago she was given the most precious gift- a second-hand heart, and a second chance at life.

Always thankful, Maggie has never forgotten Lucy Harte – the little girl that saved her life. But as Maggie's own life begins to fall apart, and her heart is broken in love, she loses sight of everything she has to live for…

Until an unexpected letter changes everything and brings Maggie back into the life of Lucy Harte – and a chance for Maggie to get her life back on track once more.

Lucy's final gift to Maggie is much more than the heart that beats inside her. It's a legacy that Maggie must learn to live by. A chance to make her heart skip a beat with every new discovery she makes; a promise to live, laugh, fall in love and heal her broken heart for good.

Because as the keeper of a borrowed heart, Maggie's time is more precious than most and she must make every cherished second count…

Today's post is part of the first blog tour of 2017 for A Page of Fictional Love, and rather than simply review the book (which I will do of course at a later date), with it being right at the start of January we lovely bloggers are each hosting with the theme; New Year, New You. So, each of us are going to share something personal for this year, our New Year New Me plan or resolutions.

New Year, New Me by Dawn-Tracy 

Last year was one of the toughest I've ever faced, and was quite an emotional journey. Luckily I had the support of my Mum and my wonderful Partner whom without their support, I'm not sure I would have come out of it quite as happy as I have done. 

This year, I feel that I finally have the chance to make an impact with my life. It's the year for a deeper transformation. Of course there are lots of little things I want to change or improve upon in my life, but I guess the main big resolutions this year include; 

  • Expanding my reading genres more - I already read most genres, but there is always room for more. 

  • Blogging more often - Last year I feel like I had to literally drag myself to my blog to get a post written, it felt like hard work, so this year I'm making a commitment to blog much more. 

  • Reach a healthy weight & strong body/mind - I had to take medication for my sciatica, peripheral neuropathy and trapped nerves last year and one of the side effects was that it can cause swelling in the legs, and boy did my thighs take the punishment! So, I'm hoping to trim down my tree-trunk thighs this year and get my body back to the slimmer curvier shape it used to be before my illness. Also, with anxiety and grief taking control of last year, this year I want to ensure I keep my mind calm and manage my emotions better. 

  • New Job - I'd love to get a better job this year and increase my happiness at work levels. I'm still fully undecided whether I'd like a completely new challenge and go for an accountancy based role, or whether to stick to my primary teaching roles. It will probably be the latter for the first half of the year at first before progressing into something else. 

  • Travel more - I promised my Auntie years ago that i'd go on Safari in Kenya with her, but sadly this will no longer be able to happen now, but one thing I do want to do this year is travel with my partner more. We're talking about going to Prague, and I quite fancy Amsterdam & Paris too - even if Thailand is more his thing... I'm sure we'll come to a compromise

  • Pursue Happiness - I want to become a more happier person than I already am. So, I'm going to focus on doing what makes me happy this year. It might mean ruffling a few feathers by not doing what others want or expect of me a few times, but it's my happiness that matters. 

That's it really, of course I have other goals and plans, but they branch out from those key ones I've mentioned. I've learnt that life can be sadly short, so I know the value of making your life count and matter. 

What's your legacy going to be? 

Please be sure to pop over and visit the other blogs taking part in the tour and show your support, I know everyone would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for stopping by here today, it's really nice to see you. If I haven't said it to you already, Happy New Year xx 

With Love + Happiness,
Dawn-Tracy xxx 

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