Monthly Round-Up | January 2017

Woohoo! We Made It! We Got Through January!! *High Fives!* 

I cannot believe seriously how quickly the first month of the year has gone! I thought it would be a really cool thing to do if each month I did a round up of what happened, what I blogged about and mark them against my goals. So let's kick it off because January has been one really busy month! 

First off I've blogged ... 17 times this month! That's huge for me haha. 

And I've actually grown my readership by nearly 2000 people!!!!! OMG YOU ARE AMAZING! THANK YOU!!! 

I've taken part in ... 4 (5) blog tours!!! I've found that the hardest if I'm honest because for me I usually host 1 or 2 a month max, so 4 - 5 really pushed my boundaries - and alas I'm going to perhaps cut it down a bit until I feel ready to up the ante again. I'd rather do a brill job than a half-assed one! 

I've reviewed a book outside my usual genre - Gardening! 

My reading genre focus this month has been between ...Romance/Chick Lit & Young Adult and to be honest I've loved that balance perfectly this month with a couple of crime books! I've found my love of YA fiction grow every month since last summer when I began devouring a dystopian trilogy - I'm hooked and will definitely be bringing more YA to A Page of Fictional Love this year and beyond. 

I've actually become much more dedicated to my Crochet and have learnt a ton of new stitches which I will be showing you over the coming weeks and months. 

I've been ... running 4 times this month which given my nerves in my leg and back (sciatica & Peripheral neuropathy) is a HUGE accomplishment for me - It's definitely made a positive difference on my body especially my waist, hips and thighs not to mention my mindset and anxiety. 

I've gotten myself a brand new job! Yay!!! 

Oh and I've travelled somewhere new for the first time on my own which I'm proud of because my anxiety sometimes stops me from doing things like that! 

OK so now - let's round up the reviews; 

Blog Tours

The Legacy of Lucy Harte - by Emma Heatherington 

Secrets and Fries at the Starlight Diner - by Helen Cox 

From Rome with Love - by Jules Wake

The Silk Weaver -  by Liz Trenow

Young Adult Reviews 

The Selection - by Kiera Cass 

Kindred Spirits - by Rainbow Powell 

The One Memory of Flora Banks  - By Emily Barr 

Before The Snow - by Danielle Paige

The Memory Book - by Lara Avery

Crochet / Craft 

Crochet Mood Blanket 


Review - Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay by Jill Mansell 

Review - Succulents by Robin Stockwell 

Review - Lost Girls by Angela Marsons 


Blogging Goals for 2017 

Blogging Tag - Book Reading Habits 

Cover Reveal - The Woman Who Met Her Match by Fiona Gibson 

Phew! That was a lot! I'd love to hear what you're favourite post of the month was here and also what book did you really enjoy this month? 

If I had to choose a favourite book of the month it would be a tie between these two... 


The reason I chose these two is because they both touch the issue of memory loss, they both come from the Teen/YA genre, and they both discuss memory loss in unique ways; one resulting from trauma, the other a disease attacking the mind (dementia). 

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