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I want to shake things up a little here on A Page of Fictional Love this year and what better way than to start blogging more about books in a way that isn't always book reviews?!

Today I thought it would be really fun to do a book blogging tag -I've seen a few around and my mission is to do at least one a month this year (but will probably - maybe do more). So, today I'm doing the Reading Habits Book Tag that I saw over at The Bibliophile Girl who by the way has a gorgeous blog that you should definitely be checking out.  

Let's get started! 

We all have our own way of reading and whilst we can share many pinterest worthy bookisms they do differ depending on the person. I'm going to share with you the habits I have when reading a book giving you an insight to how I read. 

Do You Have A Certain Place For Reading At Home? 

Not really if i'm honest. I can most definitely park my bottom almost anywhere to read. But my main reading spots include; Bathtub - there is nothing better than lying back and relaxing with a good book amongst the bubbles!, Lounge/Living Room - cosy arm chair!, Garden - but only in the warmer weather - I don't sit out dressed as a snowman in the cold weather :) , and of course the bedroom. 

Bookmark or Random Piece of Paper? 

Bookmark or a sticky note are my choice. I love a good book mark and have a fair few to be honest, but sometimes it's easier to move a sticky note especially when in the bathtub - I do not want to risk dropping my gorgeous bookmarks in the bathtub so sticky notes are a must to prevent damaging them. 

Can You Just Stop Reading or Do You Have To Stop After A Chapter/Certain Amount of Pages? 

Ahhh this one is easy. I have to stop at the end of a chapter. I cannot stop halfway down a page, or at the end of the page when a sentence carries on, or halfway into the chapter. It has to most definitely be at the end of the chapter. But that's what everyone does... right? 

Do You Eat or Drink Whilst Reading? 

Hmmm depends. I can eat whilst reading but I don't do that to be honest - I like to focus properly and eat mindfully. However saying that I do drink whilst reading... it's my fuel! 

Multitasking: Music of TV Whilst Reading? 

Oh this drives me up the wall. If i had to have one of them (and I really don't like any background noise whilst reading) it would have to be music - and when I say music I mean relaxing, serene, classical music. Like I said, I don't want to be distracted. 

One Book At A Time or Several?

Erm... Several! I rarely find myself simply reading one book at a time. I know I should probably just read one at a time, but I can't... I am a tad hyperactive so I find reading a couple (OK-Several) of books keeps me going. 

Reading At Home or Everywhere?

I have to say, reading at home. I tend to read if I'm in a waiting room using my Kindle App on my phone - this is why I try to read one paperback and one ebook at the same time - always have something to read. But I do read more at home, it's my way of relaxing. And I can't read whilst travelling - I get travel sick and I doubt anyone would want me throwing up in their car. 

Read Out Loud or Silently In Your Head?

In my head - although occasionally I'll read out loud if there's a funny bit I just can't wait to share with someone. I have also read (funnily enough) that reading out loud is good for you health wise - why exactly I can't remember - but knowing my luck it will probably be to do with memory haha. 

Do You Read Ahead or Skip Pages? 

No No No. Just No. Like...NO!!! What's the point? If you're going to read... do it properly. 

Breaking The Spine or Keeping it Like New?

OMG why would anyone break the spine of a book???!! Seriously?? Don't do that! I have to keep the spine in perfect condition. I try so hard and mostly succeed unless there are those monsters of books that are just impossible to read without breaking the spine and then I feel like I've failed. :( It's like when the covers get damaged and someone flippantly says "Oh well shows it's been read" I'm like OMG NO!!! Just don't spoil the book. 

Do You Write In Your Books? 

Textbooks for studying... yes. I never used to but now I've realised how much time it saves from taking all those notes when I can simply underline, highlight and margin doodle! But as for precious book? Nope. Absolutely not. I take pics of the parts of books I like, or I write them down in a notebook. So, textbooks - Yes, Booky Books... NOOOO! 

And that's the end of the Book Reading Habits Tag, I hope you've enjoyed it and now know some of my book habits. I now tag YOU to do it on your blog BUT there's a condition... Link back to this blog saying where you found the tag (c'mon let's be nice!), and then when you've posted, pop back and share your link below so we can all read your book habits too! (It'll grow your readership too!) 

Until Next Time, 

Love your Books, Love Your Life, 
Dawn-Tracy xxx

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