Blog Tour | Miracle on 5th Avenue

Title | Miracle on 5th Avenue 

Author | Sarah Morgan 

Publisher | Harlequin MIRA 

Source | Review Copy 

Rating | 5/5 

The Queen of Christmas is back with a festive New York City romance to set your heart a flutter!
Hopeless romantic Eva loves everything about Christmas. Even if she is spending it alone housesitting a spectacular Fifth Avenue apartment. What she didn’t expect was to find the penthouse still occupied by its gorgeous–and mysterious–owner.
Bestselling crime writer, and notorious cynic, Lucas Blade has hidden himself away in his penthouse with a deadline looming. But when the blizzard of the century leaves Eva and Lucas snowbound together will Lucas finally see the magic, and happily ever after that Christmas can bring?

It's that exciting time of year again - no not Christmas - it's when Sarah Morgan present to us a beautifully written festive packed story, and this year, it comes to us in the form of Miracle on 5th Avenue. This is book 3 in the From Manhattan With Love series, and it follows on from the previous two where we met all three girls; Paige, Frankie and Eva - This is Eva's story. And I am so happy and grateful to be included in the promo blog tour for this beautiful book.

Eva is the sweetheart of the trio and is the self confessed hopeless romantic. No matter how many times she's been hurt or let down in the past, Eva still believes in Happily Ever After - or in this case; a Happily Eva After!

If you've read the previous two books then you'll know the girls have set up their own company; Urban Genie and are the go to girls of Manhattan if you want a promotion to be set up, services to be done, or literally just want a service/concierge service. It's becoming a hit - fast and the girls are in demand. However there's a snow storm happening and Eva still has one client to cater for. She trots off to the address the client gave to decorate the apartment with festive cheer ready for when her grandson returns from Vermont. Lucas - said grandson - has told the world he's in Vermont cosied up writing his next big crime thriller bestseller. Perfect time to escape given that this time of year brings back painful memories for him of when he lost his wife.

However, when Eva arrives - she's not alone and after quite a struggle and scenes what had me wondering if Sarah had turned to the crime side - it became apparent of a few things;

1.) Eva was not alone in the apartment 
2.) Lucas was not in Vermont 
3.) Eva would not be leaving due to snow-fall closing down the city that never sleeps 
4.) Lucas had more than writer's block on his mind to worry about 

Eva is such a darling character and the typical girl next door who we'd all just love to be best friends with, and Lucas is the guy who is every woman's dreams (and nightmares - if you like crime fiction), he's sensitive, drop dead gorgeous, and very very passionate about his work and more.

The unravelling of this story made my heart warm and fuzzy, and it is simply THE christmas treat of 2016. Sarah does it best when it comes to winter + christmas + romance. She packages up the most touching, realistic and hopeful stories ever, and she does it every single time.
Sarah Morgan is the Queen of Christmas Fiction, and this book is proof! Grab yourself a copy and warm your tingling fingers, toes and heart in Miracle on 5th Avenue 

Blog Tour | All her Secrets - Exclusive Excerpt

Title: All Her Secrets

Author: Kate Avery Ellison

Publisher: Self-Published

Release Date: October 18, 2016

Genre: Young Adult Psychological Thriller

ISBN: 9780998103907

Nothing is as it seems in this psychological YA thriller set in a not-too-distant future.


Eighteen-year-old Victoria, the daughter of inventor and visionary-genius Bill Faraday, was almost murdered by a stranger four years ago. She's been trying to forget the incident ever since.

When Victoria discovers something that might explain why she was brutally attacked, she heads home from college to uncover the truth. Then, she’s kidnapped.


Sam’s just a poor kid from Toivo, an experimental utopia gone wrong, but he knows who Victoria is as soon as his cousin Craig drags her from the trees. He doesn’t want anything to do with what appears to be a revenge kidnapping, but Craig has a gun and needs someone to take the fall if things go wrong.


Craig and his buddies imprison Sam and Victoria in an abandoned mountain cabin to await ransom. Putting aside mistrust for tentative friendship, Victoria and Sam conspire to escape together, and the close quarters ignite a startling attraction between them. Then they discover strange tunnels beneath the cabin. And what they find inside the tunnels proves more bizarre.

With a plan in place to escape, freedom seems within reach. But Sam and Victoria are both keeping secrets about their past.

And secrets can be deadly.

Add to your TBR list: Goodreads

Available: Amazon

I am really excited to be hosting an exclusive excerpt of All Her Secrets for you here, the book just sounds so utterly gripping and breathtaking doesn't it? Read on and have a taste of the book ... 

You’re never prepared for the sound of someone breaking down your front door.
The wood splinters, the sound like a bone snapping. The doorknob hits the wall. My adrenaline is a gunshot to my chest.
For a moment, I am perfectly still, the frog in the flashlight beam. My book falls onto the covers with a muffled thump. My hands are shaking and my vision is blurry. I can’t breathe right. This doesn’t feel real, but I know it is.
We have a security system, state of the art, but it doesn’t go off. Why doesn’t it go off?
More splintering sounds, a loud thud, a slam. Footsteps.
I hear voices.
I run toward the window. It doesn’t have a latch. It isn’t supposed to open. Of course not. I hit it with the heels of my hands, but I know the glass won’t break, because it is bulletproof.
They had to have heard that. I have to get out of here now.
I kick the glass so hard I fall back on the bed. When I push myself up, somebody’s in the doorway.
Everything slows down and becomes painfully distinct.
He’s not tall, but he’s muscled, with a blunt, square face. The dark shape of him in my doorway is foreign and wrong, like a spider in the shower. He’s blocking the hall, and behind him, I barely hear the shatter of things falling in the kitchen over the roaring of blood in my ears.
He’s looking at me, and I’m looking at him. My mind jumps ahead to what is going to happen next, but then I stop thinking about that because I’m not going to give up yet. The feeling surges inside me, a wave of fierce and terrible protest.
He yells something to someone in another room, but I can’t understand him. My brain has stopped processing language. Instead, I’m seeing the room around me. The exits. There’s no door out except the one he’s standing in. I can’t run through the walls.
I’m trapped.
The world slows down. Time feels like cement, and every eye blink takes a thousand years. I reach behind me and grab anything I can reach—a hairbrush. It’s the most worthless weapon in the world, but I clutch it to my chest like it’s a knife. I’m thinking, WHERE IS MY CELL PHONE?
I can’t breathe.
A girl steps into the doorway beside the guy. She has dark brown hair and a flawlessly beautiful face, but her smile is angry. A toboggan hat is pulled down almost to her eyebrows, and she’s wearing slouchy torn jeans. She’s chewing gum, and she blows a bright pink bubble as she points at me. Her fingernails are painted sky blue.
They come around the bed. I back up to the wall. My heart slams against my ribs.
Fight, flight, or freeze. Those are my options. I can’t flee, so fight or freeze?
I pick fight.

About Kate Avery Ellison:

Kate Avery Ellison decided she wanted to be an author when she was five years old, and with hard work, determination, and the support of loved ones along the way, her dreams of telling stories for a living came true in 2011 with her first novel, The Curse Girl, and continued with her Amazon bestselling series The Frost Chronicles and numerous other fantasy and science fiction novels. She loves putting a dash of mystery in everything she writes, an ode to her childhood spent reading Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, and Sherlock Holmes, and she can’t resist adding a good twist in the story wherever she can.

Kate wishes she could live in a place where it’s always October, but until that’s possible, she makes her home in humid Atlanta with her husband, son, and two spoiled cats. When she isn’t dreaming up her next novel or holed up writing it down, Kate can be found binging her favorite shows on Netflix, reading on her Kindle, building intricate train track configurations with her toddler, and playing board games with her husband and friends.

Blog Tour | Celebrations & Confetti at Cedarwood Lodge

Title | Celebrations & Confetti at Cedarwood Lodge

Author | Rebecca Raisin 

Publisher | Carina UK

Publication Date | 24th October 2016

Source | Review Copy for Tour Promo 

Rating | 5/5 

Part one in a feel-good romantic serial from bestselling author Rebecca Raisin!
Clio Winters is finally fulfilling her childhood dream of renovating the gorgeous old Cedarwood Lodge in Evergreen. Turning it into the perfect destination for big celebrations, weddings and parties has brought her back home, but Cedarwood Lodge is in need of a lot of tender loving care.
Perhaps all the work will be the perfect distraction from the real reason she had to leave her glamorous New York life behind.
Will coming home be the best decision of her life… or her biggest regret?

Cedarwood Lodge is a delectable romance told in three parts - following Clio Winters journey back to her hometown of Evergreen. This is Part One.

Oh where to start with this absolutely delicious read! Firstly I read this book in a single day because I could not and did not want to put it down! Rebecca is an exceptionally talented writer who is always so dedicated and loyal to her readers, and I know this because I've read every single one of her books and she NEVER fails to deliver.

She has this delicious talent to entice you into the story so much that I find myself not only wanting to be a part of the story and it's setting, but there are moments where you stop in your day and think about the characters, pondering how they are. They become a part of your life, and that is a seriously magical talent.

Celebrations & Confetti reeled me in from the very first page - in the first few sentences I was hooked and I'd fallen under the spell of Cedarwood Lodge. I was plotting renovation ideas upon reading that first page, and from there, I was transported to Evergreen as I got to know more about Clio, and what had brought her home. The description just made me want to live there.

Clio has returned from the bright lights of New York, and she's bought a run down lodge that has been vacant and gathering dust since her childhood. She has a lovely friend from her childhood days who is just one of those friends for life kind of guys who had his heart broken. Unaware of the scandal Clio has left behind, she has to hire a whole team to help her get the Lodge up and running for business. So, there's the project manager - Kai, who I imagine to be as deliciously handsome and muscular as I read he is, and then there is the gardener/landscaper who tackles the entire grounds single handedly. They are the main characters and sparks fly between them and makes their still hearts beat.

Clio's Mum is hiding something regarding her reservations around Cedarwood Lodge, and her Aunt knows about but won't reveal the secret. Hmmmm.

I can't not mention the beautiful couple who are the first clients of Clio's for hiring Cedarwood Lodge to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary, I sense a hint of sadness awaiting us in the future books - Rebecca, please don't make me cry too much! The whole story of this couple is unbelievably moving, and it's a shame that disaster could strike and ruin their special day.

What I will say is that Clio's friend Amory from New York, is totally spot on with her timing - ahem - especially when Clio is gazing up at the stars with a special hunk.

Oh Rebecca, you have me hooked - I'm ready and waiting for book 2! Bring it on! I can't wait to read what happens next!

Author Info:
Rebecca Raisin is a true bibliophile. This love of books morphed into the desire to write them. She’s been published in various short story anthologies and in in fiction magazines, and is now focusing on writing romance.
Rebecca aims to write characters you can see yourself being friends with. People with big hearts who care about relationships, and most importantly believe in true love.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Blog Tour | The Christmas Promise

Today I am so grateful to be hosting the blog tour for the new Sue Moorcroft book The Christmas Promise.

Social media has been sharing this book with the hashtag #MyPromise and whilst I had originally planned on reviewing the book, the universe had other ideas, so I have something a little different for you.

First, let's look at what the book's about so we know what we can look forward to when we read it.

Countdown to Christmas with your new must-have author, as you step into the wonderful world of bespoke hat-maker Ava Bliss…
For Ava Bliss, it’s going to be a Christmas to remember…
On a snowy December evening, Sam Jermyn steps into the life of bespoke hat maker Ava. Sparks fly, and not necessarily the good ones.
Times are tough for Ava – she’s struggling to make ends meet, her ex-boyfriend is a bully, and worst of all, it’s nearly Christmas.
So when Sam commissions Ava to make a hat for someone special, she makes a promise that will change her life. She just doesn’t know it yet…
Curl up with this gorgeous, festive read – the perfect treat for fans of Katie Fforde, Carole Matthews and Trisha Ashley

So, I mentioned earlier that the universe had different plans for my posting here today and I'm actually pleased about it. So, I received a proof copy of the book to read, and as I usually do, I flipped through it when I got it and felt excited to read it. But then as I was flipping certain words stood out to me in the way they do as you flip through a book. And these words triggered me. They triggered my anxiety, and I knew then I wouldn't be able to do the book justice in my review. So I asked out loud, "What can I do? I don't want to let everyone down?" And I forgot about it or a week.

During this time I did think more and more about my triggers to anxiety which are; death, chemo, cancer, etc. You see my lovely readers, we're approaching a year since I lost my Auntie to Cancer just before Christmas, and all year even hearing the word cancer has resulted in me having a panic attack or an anxiety filled moment (or few) which triggered health anxiety in me. It has just seemed that everywhere you look or listen cancer is there, and I have on more than one occasion lost my temper with it all. I pick up a magazine to escape, the same with a book, or when you switch on the tv. Sometimes, some of us don't need that constant reminder. Sometimes we have that reminder every day whether we want it or not.

Everyone I speak to, and especially medical professionals such as doctors say that this is a normal part of bereavement, that fearing illness yourself, or illness of loved ones, is normal after losing someone, especially when we've lost them to cancer or some other form of sudden or terminal illness. I will add that it doesn't stop me feeling weird about it. It's not 'normal' for me, or at least it wasn't, but now at least for the time being it is. 

As you can imagine, when I flipped through the book and saw the words chemo and cancer, and fundraising,  it really threw me. I applaud Sue for writing such a touching and emotive story - even without reading it, it touched me. So, I thought that my blog post for the tour could focus on the Promise side to Christmas. 

I promise this christmas to enjoy christmas day as much as I can in honour of my loved ones who are no longer here as cancer took them far too soon; Auntie Tracy, Nan (Annie-May), Dad, Uncle Cliff, Auntie Iris, and Loved Ones who sadly have passed and loved Christmas; Auntie Doris, Grandpops, 'Uncle' David (recently passed this past week). 

I promise to focus on my wellbeing and work towards making my dreams come true, the dreams we all spoke about for myself. 

I promise to make you all proud. 

I promise to never forget you, or stop loving you. 

I hope my post hasn't been a disappointment to you lovely readers, and if you feel inspired by my post to think of a promise you can make this christmas, then you can either comment below starting with "I Promise..." or you can share on social media using #mypromise. 

Paperback is out 1st December 2016, and ebook/kindle version is out now. Just use the link below xxx 

Blog Tour || Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop

Title || Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop

Author || Jane Linfoot 

Publisher || HarperImpulse 

Publication Dates || Paperback - 20th October, eBook - 30th September 

Purchase || Amazon UK 

Source || Review Copy 

Rating || 5/5 

The snow is falling around Brides by the Sea, Cornwall’s cutest little wedding shop, and wedding dress designer Seraphina East is in her cosy studio designing exquisite dresses to make even the most demanding bride’s dreams come true.

Unless the bride is her big sister Alice of course. Saying that the two sisters don’t always see eye to eye is an understatement. Alice hasn’t even asked Sera to design her wedding dress. But when an absent groom and ill-fitting dress threaten to ruin Alice’s happiness let alone her big day, Sera’s determined to give her sister the winter wedding of her dreams – even if that means keeping not one but two irresistibly gorgeous best men under control…

Is Sera going to end up being the maid of dishonour…Or will repairing her frozen relationship with Alice be the icing on the wedding cake?

There’s sequins, snowflakes, and plenty of romance in this gorgeous love story. The perfect romance to curl up by the fire with this Christmas! Perfect for fans of Carole Matthews and Milly Johnson.

Dawn-Tracy's Thoughts: 

Hello, and welcome to the start of the blog tour to promote Jane Linfoot's wonderful christmas treat of a book this year! There are a group of us bloggers that will be sharing our thoughts and all sorts of wonderful festivity over this coming week as we host the tour for Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop!

Today, I'm absolutely thrilled to be kicking off the tour with my review.

I adored the first book in the series so when I was kindly asked if I wanted to read the christmas follow up by Jane and her publicity team I jumped at the chance to dive into the wedding shop of my dreams! The story centres around a wedding, as did the last one, and we get to catch up with all the wonderful characters that we met in the previous book. If you haven't read the first book, that's OK, this can STILL be read as a standalone, but I warn you, you'll more than likely be hopping back to the first book to catch up on all the gossip afterwards... and experience the heat that is Poppy & Rafe! Ahem!

But, back to the christmas treat Jane has written for us. In this story we get to know Sera (Seraphina East) whom designs wonderful wedding dresses for Jess who owns the Little Wedding Shop by the Sea. Sera is one of the kindest, sweetest character's I've ever read about. She actually reminds me of Jess who stars in Made in Chelsea - that's how I kind of pictured her as I read this book- their style is very similar. So that's a bit of likeness for you.

Sera's sister Alice is getting married and we all know that brides to be are bridezillas! But surely sweet Sera's sister cant be that much different from Sera can she??? I mean, they are sisters, they have to be similar right? WRONG! Oh so wrong! But to give her credit, Alice is just trying to make things perfect for everyone!

Alice is due to marry Dan, her childhood sweetheart, only it would really really REALLY help if he gets his butt down to Cornwall to actually like you know... attend his own wedding. And then his choice of groomsmen is such a STORY in itself that I found myself torn between which guy I was rooting for. I have to say, between Quinn and Johnny, my money was on..... totally the wrong one (Like I would actually spoil the story and tell you which one!) although, in my defence, I did kinda start waking up to THE ONE once I caught on to what the other one was like. I know I'm confusing you, but if you read the book and then come back and read this again, it will all make sense!

Oh, and by the way, these two groomsmen are adept in running Sera around in circles, I'm so proud of her way of handling them both! As chief bridesmaid it was up to her to keep it all going smoothly. But weddings, like true love, never runs smoothly, we know that, but why do we still allow ourselves to believe otherwise? I think it's because we all like to dream, and hope, and wish - like we wish for snow and a white christmas, and it never actually happens... does it Alice?

This story is so action packed and full of scrumptious treats that to read it I had to bake brownies to eat with the characters as they dealt with the following in no particular order;
Wedding dress shrinkage, a missing boat, crystal glassware smashing to smithereens, bride to be meeting ex who was her first love, best man going AWOL, other best man saving the day, best men flirting, bride to be turning bridezilla, christmas treats failing to be painted white, scented candles in the wrong locations, snow, and the melting of snow, riding bareback, firemen decorating the wedding venue, 12 pack of condoms falling out of picnic bag that was not meant to be a picnic bag (ahem), and SO SO SO much more!!

Jane had me gasping for breath as I hurriedly turned to the pages in the hope the wedding would go ahead. Not once did she leave the story hanging unnecessarily, or linger it out to add pages to the book. Every scene and situation was built on or dealt with, wrapped up and shipped off as seen fit. I thought the pace of the story was superb, it kept me interested and wanting more, she brought in the usual wedding story blunders at times which is why we love books like these, BUT she added unique aspects that I have NOT encountered before.

This is why I always have no hesitation to read a book by Jane, because she delivers the goods, the words, and the escape in her words. She transports us to another part of the country, the world, into a world of people whose lives mirror our own or those we know around us, but in a way that we feel safe and in a cocoon that enables us to explore a shadow aspect of ourselves, and revel in pure enjoyment and adventure that books allow us.

I know that you will adore this book, it has so many hilarious points, the characters are so lovely that you can't help but cherish them, and the actual story will have you dreaming of a white christmas.

I can't wait for the next installment which will arrive next year during May 2017! Summer at the Little Wedding Shop will be eagerly anticipated for many months to come! But before we rush ahead into 2017, please take time to stop by these other fabulous blogs to discover more about Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop.