A Life Update

Hello My loves, 

How are you doing?! It really has been a while since I wrote on here and came to have a little chat with you. I can't believe that my last post was all the way back in February!! Well I'm back now and I have lots to tell you my darling readers. But first can I just tell you just how much I have missed YOU!! Yes YOU!! Ahhh come here and give me a squeeze! 

So, as we usually do, we go grab a cuppa and then we come back, make ourselves comfy and we can have a good old catch up, so go pop the kettle on, and then come on back and I'll tell you all about my life and what I've been upto!

So what do you think of my new hair? Isn't it fab?! I absolutely LOVE it, I'm not sure why I always have the bug to grow my hair to Rapunzel lengths sometimes - perhaps it's because I'm a big Disney girl at heart? But I always feel so much better with this length hair.

Anyway, you want to know what's kept me so busy and distracted that I've not been here for you don't you? Well, let's start at the beginning shall we? 

A year ago, I had my heart broken and my relationship broke down despite my efforts to save it - purely because it was just my efforts and it takes two to tango so they say although I've never actually done the tango because I've never learnt it - but I digress, and now, in hindsight I'm extremely glad it did happen when it happened because well.. you'll see in a minute! 

So, then September came and it was back to work for me with my little darlings in Year 2 - bring on every virus you can catch! I had 5-6 bouts of cold, flu, laryngitis, tonsillitis, and chest infections galore up until about April time. 

So, whilst I was fitting in reading here and there, I wasn't reading quickly enough or well enough between work and my days off to blog. I literally needed to conserve all my energy especially having asthma it hit me quite badly. I was also knee deep in finishing my degree off and working towards my Specialist Support Teacher qualification. 

So, then that led me to Easter time and the run up to May...This is where things got interesting. I partly decided to focus on me and what I wanted out of life, I'd reached that place where I was happy within myself and had gotten used to being single. Then in June...when I was about to jump in the shower I kept getting these annoying notifications on my phone. I looked at them, and just deleted them on sight - I didn't even bother to look at them. Then when I reach the shower I realise I've forgotten my towel - so a quick run to get my towel and my phone bleeps again. You can imagine my annoyance - but something told me to look at it. So I did. And there was a message from this guy. So I opened it, read it, and as a smile spread across my face and I gave a little giggle - I replied.

And, since that day, we haven't had a day without speaking to each other, and we've had some amazing days out and dates away and whilst our first date was as memorable as I think you could ever get one :) every day just gets better and better with this man in my life.

So, now as I'm enjoying my summer holiday from work (YAY!!!) I'm getting back into my reading and blogging (hopefully), as well as a few new exciting things happening. 

Firstly, I've created another blog, a sister blog if you like for this one, which is going to be my Lifestyle blog where you can read all about .. well my life, crochet, crafts, my life as a primary school specialist support teacher and HLTA, - basically everything non book related will be on there... well almost everything, I've got to keep areas of my life private but you get the gist. You can find me at Our Country Home Comforts  

Secondly, I'm enjoying my life a lot more now, in large part due to the absolutely amazing man I have been so lucky to have found - seriously, he's amazing and yes I'm biased but still! I've honestly never been this happy before my loves, and he is just EVERYTHING. 

Thirdly, because I could gush about him all day! - I passed my teaching course! Yay! So, no more studying now for at least 18 months when I decide to begin my actual full on teacher training for a year with Schools Direct. We've even spoken about the fact that I might wait until after I've had our first baby before I do that purely because well... we both want to be parents - but not quite yet - I enjoy having him all to myself and I'm not ready to share him haha. 

I also passed my degree - hooray!! That degree was tough and I am SO glad that it's done now. 

I've fallen back in love with my teaching career despite the hiccups last year personally and a few this year professionally, I love my job and I love the children I work with. It's a lovely feeling to feel happy with what you have in life and whilst always being open to more success and more life experiences, I'm truly happy with where I am and where we're heading. 

So that's me my loves, I think I've updated you with everything, ... *ponders*....hmmm oh, the other thing which you'll probably read more about at Our Country Home Comforts and the instagram account to go with it is that I've recently joined Weightwatchers for 6 months online, to become the healthiest and fittest I've ever been. I've had a lot to deal with over the past year, and a lot of that has caused stress and increased cortisol in my life which has meant I've gone from emotionally eating for comfort, and then to not eating due to heart break. So the body has taken one for the team, and now this is my way of repaying it, of saying thank you for supporting me through the hard times, but I've got you now, and I'm going to take care of you. 

That's me definitely done now... so what's been going on with you? I know I've caught up with some of you on the facebook page and had a quick chat with you all, but if you have a few minutes, just say Hi, and let me know you're still about and that you're OK. I'll be back soon with some book posts, some fun, some reviews, and other things in between. 

You take care of yourself, and we'll catch up again real soon, 
Love Dawn-Tracy xxx