Slim Fast - The 7 Day Challenge | Part 1

Hello you lovely lot, 

I'm excited to bring you a *special* 3 part series this week featuring a well known diet plan - Slim Fast. 

I was given the opportunity by Slim Fast UK to take part in a 7 day challenge where we follow the Slim Fast Plan and then reveal our results. I jumped at the chance as I have struggled to lose weight easily and consistently in the past. 

Before I share with you the plan and show you what I actually had as part of the challenge I want to share a little about my background, and why I took up the Slim Fast 7 day Challenge.
I've always been a curvy woman, even at school I wasn't one of the skinny girls. However over the years of hitting my twenties I struggled to fit in regular exercise and watch my portion control and combine studying at university, and working 4 days a week in a Primary School. Although I always seemed to be on my feet, I never felt that I was as slim as I wanted to be, as I could be. Add "LIFE" to the mix of "EMOTIONS" that come and go with falling in love, and being heartbroken, stressed about assignments and exams, working non-stop and stress just got the better of me. So pretty much like the majority of the UK then. 
I've followed many weight loss programs with the sheer hope of losing around 2 stone and I've followed intense exercise regimes...sometimes those not far off being Insane (if you get my drift). I even had appointments with a nutritionist and we ran tests, followed calorie controlled diets - you name it we tried it. My weight was NOT causing any health problems and with the weight simply not coming off I was delivered with the news that; I just had to accept I was a 'big girl' and healthy with it. Whilst it was good news that I wasn't causing strain on my body, I wasn't happy to accept my weight as it was. 
So, as I turned 27 recently I decided that this is THE year that I will achieve my body dreams. I'm not wanting to reach some ridiculous number on the scale - in fact I've come to accept that my body will never give me that 'perfect' number that society can pressure us to achieve. I am feminine, I have curves... boobs and hips... and a butt to boot. I want to keep those, I simply want to be trimmer. 

Enter Slim Fast

I was actually rather skeptical about following the Slim Fast Plan as I have followed it in the past, but always found myself far hungrier than I expected to be, I was concerned about the sugar content as it was fairly high in my opinion in the past, and I was wondering whether I'd like the taste. 

But with the revamped recipes and lower sugar content on their products out now, I decided to give it a try. 

So, this is what I received from Slim Fast UK; I got the 7 day starter pack, enough food replacement products for a week. 


This is what was included; 

6 Meal Replacement Shakes; (2 Chunky Chocolate Flavour, 2 Cafe Latte Flavour, 2 Summer Strawberry Flavour)

8 Meal Replacement Bars; (4 Summer Berry Flavour, 4 Chocolate Crunch) 

Snack Bags; Cheese Flavour Snacks, and Sour Cream and Chive Flavour Pretzels

Snack Bars; Caramel Flavour, and Chocolate Flavour Bars

The plan came with a guidebook that gives you a 7 day meal plan, and meal ideas along with information regarding drinking more water and exercising for around 20 minutes a day. 

The plan is called a 3, 2, 1 Plan because it asks you to eat, 3 snacks, 2 Meal replacements and 1 main meal around 600 Calories for women (slightly more for men - details given in pack). 

When day 1 came, I was excited to start... and a little worried in case I didn't feel satisfied enough and was left feeling hungry. 

Check back tomorrow to see how I found the plan in Part 2, and then on Wednesday, I'll be sharing my results with you all! 

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