Slim Fast - The 7 Day Challenge | Part 3

Welcome back to my final part in the Slim Fast series!

I am so excited to share today's post with you all because it's RESULTS day!

So to quickly recap, I was sceptical when I started because in the past the sugar content has been too high in my opinion, and I was always left feeling hungry. But Slim Fast have updated their recipe's and lowered the sugar content so I gave it a go. I didn't stick to a strict exercise plan, but found I was walking more and fitting in a couple of sessions of the exercise bike. 

My main concerns were;

  • Would I feel hungry?
  • Would I lose weight or would I end up gain weight?
  • How will it taste with the lowered sugar?
  • Would I be able to stick to the plan? 

I found following the plan really easy actually, so easy that it didn't feel like a diet. I was able to literally "Grab 'n' Go" and know that Brunch, and Late Lunch was taken care of, as were my snacks of Slim Fast snacks and fruit. All I had to do was cook a dinner under 600 calories. The only day I struggled with the plan was Sunday due to the timing of Sunday Lunch but that can be worked out to fit in with your schedule.

I NEVER felt hungry once! I couldn't believe it. In the past I have felt hungrier than usual when I had Slim Fast Products, but this time I felt full, satisfied, and energised, which is really important as a Twenty-Something professional with hectic schedules and study periods. I actually used my snacks after work during my study time which helped fuel my brain as I tried to get to grips with Financial Performance Variances. 

The taste was delicious. Literally, there was NOT one product that didn't taste absolutely delicious. I have to say that I wish I'd been able to try the new meal pots that come in 3 flavours; Spaghetti Bolognese, Tikka, and Spicy Thai (I think!). I think that it could have really helped me boost my weight loss.
I was expecting the lowered sugar which is 30% lower than it used to be to make a difference in taste, but it really didn't. Nothing tasted sickly, nothing was too sweet, and I just enjoyed every mouthful. 

Before I come onto the weight loss, I just want to say that when I finished the diet, and had to reintroduce food I struggled. I found myself fancying a meal bar replacement or a shake.. and to actually think about what to eat was so hard. I know it was just a brain switch thing, but still, I loved how easy it was to just grab a bar, or a shake and that was it. The hardest decision I had on plan was what flavour did I want to have! 

Ok so the weight loss, this is what we're all really interested in. In fact you've probably skipped to this part and based on what I write next you'll go back and hopefully devour each post and then dive in and purchase your very own starter kit (I'll link you up below).

So, in total, I lost ..... 5lbs! 

For me that's impressive, I struggle to lose weight on diets, and more importantly I struggle to keep that weight off. So a week later jumping on the scales and i've managed to maintain 4lb of that weight loss - but as we women know our bodies fluctuate during the entire month and it can of course be water weight. However the large portion of weight loss I managed to keep off. I felt slimmer, and healthier too. 

I was actually really sad when this diet trial ended and I actually wanted to keep going, and in answer to the obvious question; YES! Absolutely I will try this diet again because I want to see what happens when you have the meal replacement bars, snacks, shakes AND the meal pots, and will update you as I go. 

I'm really impressed with the taste, size and nutritional value in the products and will be recommending to all my friends.  

Thank you Slim Fast UK for allowing me to review your products, they are superb! 

So I officially give it 5/5 

To purchase your Slim Fast 7 Day Challenge kit click on the link below; 


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