Slim Fast - The 7 Day Challenge | Part 2

Yesterday I shared with you the news that I was taking part in a 7 day challenge where I intend to follow the Slim Fast 321 plan. 

Today's post is where I want to share with you how I actually feel on the plan, how I'm finding it, and anything I have to report back before my RESULTS post which will be LIVE tomorrow (Wednesday 11th November). 

So, first day on the plan I was feeling nervous if I'm honest, I wondered if I would actually be able to follow the plan for an entire day. My fears of sweet sugary tastes, hunger pangs, and cravings for food not on plan filled my mind. But I opted to start the day with Brunch (I can't do breakfast, never have been able to stomach it), and I chose the Summer Berry Meal Replacement Bar. Oh my, is it a whopper in size! It was a lot like the cereal bars you find in the supermarkets, but so much bigger, chunkier - really substantially sized. It tasted really nice, it wasn't too sugary, or too sickly.. and it really was the right portion size. I ate it around 11am, and almost forgot to eat until 5pm when I had my first hunger pang of the day. 

Second and 3rd days on the plan kind of followed suit only that I skipped Brunch, had a snack of fruit to tide me over and around 1-2pm I opted for the shake (Cafe Latte) which was absolutely delicious! It really was like have an iced coffee...I didn't notice the difference, only that it was filling, tasty and packed of everything you need nutritionally one day, the other day I opted for the chunky chocolate meal bar. Dinner was a nice piece of steamed chicken with steamed rice and veg. I allowed myself the snack bar - the chocolate one for a supper time snack. It was rather like a dark chocolate milky way. It felt naughty, in fact the whole plan feels "naughty" because I'm having chocolate meal bars, chocolate snacks, cheese snacks, and pretzels. 

I think the naughtiness of the plan actually helps me stay on plan because it doesn't feel like a diet. 

Now I mentioned that exercise is recommended, and I'll be honest, I didn't plan to do any exercise, but I found I was walking more, and even jumping on the exercise bike for a good old spin class. I did make a conscious effort to "move more" and be more active, so I did what felt right for me.

Mid plan I decided to jump on the scales because I seriously doubted I'd lose any weight with what I was eating, but I was pleasantly surprised o discover that i'd in fact lost 2lbs! I can't wait for the end of week weigh in to discover how much weight in total I manage to lose. 

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