Blogging Goals for 2017

Happy New Year my lovelies! 

Everyone is talking about goals right now, and whilst it can be so annoying when endless social media feeds are full of goals and #goaldigger hashtags, I kind of LOVE goals. See "Woman On A Mission - Make Dreams Happen" for more goaldigger, happiness, and success posts! 

Today, I thought I'd jump back into my blog that got awfully neglected last year due to many personal reasons. Onwards and Upwards as they say.

So, as you can see from my banner that's been in place for a while now, I am expanding the content here at A Page of Fictional Love from just books (and the whole range of genres I now cover), to lifestyle AND Crafts. The crafts will largely be crochet related. But it's the goals we're interested in so let's jump into those; 


  • Read 70+ books in 2017 
  • Review at least 4 books a month 
  • Expand my reading genres 
  • Have Author's Guest Post & Q&A sessions Monthly
  • Regular Book Post posts


  • Blog at least 4 posts a month in this topic area
  • Share my Steps to Happiness Journey to promote Happiness & Positivity 
  • Include posts on; Home Making, Gardening, DIY, Life In General, Hauls 


  • Share my latest Crochet projects 
  • Share my Crochet Mood Blanket Journey 
  • Document the new crochet skills & patterns I learn 
  • Learn new Crafts by expanding my creativity 
  • Post at least 1x a month on this topic 

Blog Goals In General

I also have some general goals in mind for this blog but I'm not ready to share those yet as I like to keep some goals in my inner incubator until they are manifesting in their fullness (and to be honest it keeps my blog from becoming cloned). 

I can say that the goals I have in general do include getting my blog reach up and more popular. I'm so proud to have reached over 20,000 views, and I want to double this at least this year, and with your help I know it can be done! 

Goals is a topic I'll revisit and review over the year, so be ready for things to change, adapt and grow as the year goes by. I am so excited for the coming year in terms of this blog, and where I know it is going, and the books I'm going to read and share with you all, the lifestyle updates and tips I'll share, and finally the crochet and craft projects that I will be sharing for the first time on this blog! 

        What goals have you set yourself this year? 

Here's to an amazing 2017, for you and I, 

With love + happiness,

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