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I love the quote above - because most likely it's true! When someone picks up a crochet hook and starts sharing their passion publically with friends it becomes a chain reaction - they all want a piece of your action! 

Today's post is my first post of 2017 on the crafts I do in my life - crochet. I first discovered crochet a couple of years ago now (I think it's about 3 years ago) and I have been a hooker ever since - a crochet hooker that is! 

There is something so deeply meditative and therapeutic about it that it instantly takes me to a portable zen den whenever I pick up my hook and crochet. It doesn't really matter what I have on my hook - it just creates that state of inner peace and calm. 

Last year, as many of you know was an awfully tough year for me having lost my auntie, but I wanted something beautiful to come out of the experience so I chose to document my moods and emotions in a mood blanket. No, it wasn't all black - in fact there was only one day that black was a colour in my blanket and that was on Halloween - you know, for the sake of symbolism.

A mood blanket, more specifically a crochet mood blanket is where you crochet a square a day (any pattern) in a colour that resembles a mood that has predominantly been the most active in you during the day. For example, I always chose a bright pink when I felt loved, beautiful and happy, or a blue for when I was feeling sad, upset or anxious. 

My bereavement counsellor loved my idea of documenting my journey and even took photos of it to share at their meetings where the counsellors all discussed methods of coping for their patients.

So, this year, I'm doing one again. I enjoy dedicating a small amount of my evening to focusing on my day, calling up all I was grateful for and selecting a colour and creating something beautiful to look back on for years to come. I've made a few changes, such as the square pattern, the size, and the colour meanings. For example; last year I had mint green for feeling healthy, whereas this year I've chosen a zesty and vibrant lime green for those days, and blue was for sad and anxious days whereas this year blue symbolises the days I've felt so calm and zen like. I've also introduced a few colours too that wasn't in last year's blanket and taken a couple out. 

This photo is taken from my first few days into the new year - so I apologise that it's not right up to date, but it still shows the start to my year. As you can see I've had a calming, loving and healthy start to 2017 and since then it's only gotten better. In my next post when I update you on my blanket (probably the end of February) you'll see the zesty yellows and powerful confident reds.

Do you crochet? Ever created a mood blanket? If so & you've posted a pic online or blogged about it, why not leave a comment below with your link so we can all take a look and celebrate the beautiful handmade item that is precious to you.

Let's grab a hook & start a chain reaction, 

Love Dawn-Tracy

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