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NEW NetGalley Badge

I am so excited about this epic news! 

I've just logged into my NetGalley account which book bloggers are signed up to to stay in touch with publishers and book heaven of whats going to be hitting our shelves. It's like the santa's toyshop for book bloggers.

Anyway, I've been awarded a shiny new badge as a blogger which is now proudly displayed on your right ---->>>> in my sidebar. It's my "Approved" badge which means that I've been auto-approved by publishers so that I can get my bookish hands on their beautiful book babies at the touch of a button.. quite literally. 

I think it also adds to my credibility as a book blogger, so that you know I do what I do with full support of not only authors but also publishers, and its nice to know I'm doing a damn good job. 

So here is my badge for you to see, stroke through your screen and wave at; 

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