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The Lilac Cottage by Jean M. Long

Title | The Lilac Cottage 
Author | Jean M. Long

Publisher | The People's Friend Pocket Novels

Source | Purchased
Pages | 194 
A Page of Fictional Love Rating | 4/5 

When Eliza Ellis was left Lilac Cottage by her reclusive great-uncle, she decided to live there. 

However, unbeknownst to her, Greg Holt was already living there...and he had no plans to leave!

Just what had Great-uncle Henry been thinking?

My mum actually recommended this pocket book to me and i'm glad she did. It's small, handy for taking with you in your handbag, the print is a good larger size, and it really is just a good story. 

I rated it 4/5 purely because it was so short... had it been longer it would have easily gotten the full house of 5/5. The characters were realistic, and the story-line whilst griping, was calming and enjoyable. 

My mum has been collecting these books for a while now (available every fortnight) and she has raved about this book so much - literally she almost bent my ear off to read it!

I didn't mind that you kind of knew where the story was going, it was rather nice to simply be able to enjoy it, and it was so good to read for pleasure once again. 

As for purchasing this one, you might be able to find a few around the internet on sites such as ebay or the amazon marketplace. 

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