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My Planner Haul - Sainsbury's

Hi there, This is a new thing I'm trying out on my blog because to be honest I was so close to saying goodbye to this blog because I have found that my love for reading right now - with everything that is going on in my life - has just kind of upped and left me.

So I want to share with you my haul from Sainsbury's for my planner.

I've become a bit of a planner addict/freak/junkie/lover! It's true, for someone who is still struggling with fitting everything in I decided a few months ago to try and become more organised. So I grabbed my diary (which I'll be honest, is empty until a couple of months ago), and my rather snazzy fineliners that I picked up super cheap from Wilko's, and I began to plan my week. I think it was a conversation with my Mum about being almost 27 AKA A TwirtieSomething (Twenty coming Thirty = Twirty) and needing to get some proper organisation in my life now... that kicked me up the bum to try this. 

Do you know what I found out about myself doing this?

1) That I CAN actually fit everything in during the day
2) That getting things done is far more enjoyable when you're doing it in colour
3) Planning you week/day can be really good fun
4) Having a routine is good... it's healthy... and I totally got this one from a very special person in my life.

So today, I upped the ante on my planner addiction by hitting Sainsbury's (complete with my labryrinthitis - which was not fun with all the noise going on) and seeing what goodies they had.

I am always the first person to drag whomever I'm with into the stationary store and spend hours looking at all the pretty things... because they are pretty gorgeous aren't they? But sometimes, especially now, your supermarket carries a lot of gorgeous stationary too. So let's take a look at what pretties I got today.

First up, I got myself a brand new diary - I know what you're thinking; "But, you ALREADY have a diary". Yes, I do. Bit this one is specifically going to be to plan and monitor my studies. You see, I'm currently studying 3... yes THREE courses. Firstly, I'm doing my level 4 AAT Accounting Advanced Diploma with Kaplan Financial, And Children's Literature, and Marketing & Finance with The Open University. The last two courses, with The Open University, will complete my degree, and this time next year i'll be a graduate... FINALLY!!

Anyway, so as you can see, I need to be able to clearly plan my time effectively and keep track of assignments, exams, tutorials, etc. Here's the pretty diary I picked up today from Sainsbury's. 

The paperclips were on sale for 75p, and the diary was £1.50 

Yes, you've noticed that 'just picking up a diary for my student days' quickly turns into a mental conversation that says; 

"Oooh I need those paperclips too... paperclips are useful things, I might need them, no i'll definitely need them, and look at how pretty they are" ... and into the trolley they go. 

Next up, I began thinking about my pretty personal planner/organiser and feeling a little more ready to attempt some major prettifying of my planner I picked up these utterly gorgeous gift tags - yes, gift tags - to use in my planner as book marks, writing down really special occasions, amazing things that happened during the week etc... and they will be so easy to attach with a bit of washi tape and they'll look cute and adorable, and will make me want to USE my planner and BE more organised. At 49p for 3 tags, I swept up 6 packs for a tiny £3, again from Sainsbury's. 

So, there you have it, my mini stationary haul from Sainsbury's. It's not massive, it didn't cost massive amounts of money, I think I spent just over £5 in total, so it was a nice little haul that will make my year more organised, pretty, and enjoyable. 

I hope you've enjoyed my little post and I apologise about the pictures.. I promise I will get better at them. It's been really fun writing this and it's been a nice little break from blogging about books. And it does help to explain my NEW blog banner... So i'll definitely be doing little posts like this from time to time about exciting hauls or things that make my Twirties Life a little more enjoyable. 

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