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26 Things That Make Me Happy

As I've been feeling rather sorry for myself of late due to being unwell with Labyrinthitis (not a nice illness to experience), I thought a great post here on A Page of Fictional Love would be where I share 26 things that make me happy. Why 26 things I hear you ponder? Well, 26 because I'm 26 years old... and in a weeks time I'll be 27 and I don't know whether I could find another something that makes me happy - Ha!

1. Pretty Notebooks - I happen to have a HUGE haul of notebooks, and rarely venture home following a shopping trip without a new (a few) additions to the family. See I even refer to my notebook love as a family. Ah... true love!

2. Countryside - I grew up in Shropshire, walks on Clee Hills, along the River Severn, Bewdley, Baggeridge, Clent, ahhh... my childhood makes me happy

3. The colour purple - Need I say more... And I once had my bedroom decorated in shades of pink & purple with silver as a teenager and damn did I love that bedroom.

4. The colour pink - read above

5. Pastel colours - I adore pastel colours... I mean they are scrumptious, light and fluffy... oh wait, I just described the perfect cake... haha, but yes, I love pastel colours.

6. Fast Drying Nail Varnish - now when I say fast drying nail varnish, I mean those 60 second ones... but wait. I mean the ones that ACTUALLY flippin do dry quickly, and not are still not dry 40 minutes later. Really annoying!

7. Curly wavy hair - Yep, I loves me some curls in my hair... here's why: (see picture on the left) Yes, I had my hair chopped ... it was a super long 29" and I had a full 10" taken off, and I feel sexier, happier, and damn... I look good there. And yes, my hair has had a tiny bit of curling action help, but largely, now it will go naturally wavy all on it's own which means less work for me.

8. Shabby Chic Home Decor - I just love it! It kind of ties in with my love of pastels.

9. Italy - Venice, Rome, Tuscany, I've never been but it has ALWAYS been on my bucket list

10. Chunky Scarfs - Seriously how can these NOT make you happy? They are warm, cosy, super soft and totally amazing!

11. Achieving - yes, I'm an achievement nut, I love to achieve things, I'm super ambitious, and will try anything and will aim to succeed in it too.

12. Autumn - Oh my FAVOURITE time of the year. I will be doing a separate blog post about Autumn so I'll explain more in that one

13.  My Magick Man - no I'm not in a relationship right now, the Magick Man I am talking about happens to be my little kitty. He's a BIG 7 years old now, but will always be my ickle baby.

14. Studying - Yes, I'm a nerd and proud. Since I started school as a little one in Nursery there hasn't been a time that I have not been studying or enrolled on some course. I'm in my final year at University (A long 6 years years this has been) and I'm not quite sure what I'll do after.... OH yes I do, I'll be continuing my accountancy studying and training. See... Study Nerd!

15. Taller Men - Oh dear god yes! I love a tall guy. I'm 5ft 6" so, I like a guy around 5' 10" ideally... I need inches for heels and that perfect tip toe kiss.

16. The Body Shop - I love their perfumes, their body mists, their soaps... oh hell, I just love everything!

17. Woolly Jumpers - This is like number 10 - I love the cosy-ness of them

18. Men in a Suit - Oh this has always been something that makes me happy. Seriously, my love for a guy in a suit came around LONG before Mr Grey. And the men in my mind... in a suit look WAY better than Grey.

19. Christmas Novels - I love snuggling down to read a cosy festive book

20. Men Wearing a Black Shirt - Yes... this is like number 18... and men in a black shirt are guaranteed to get a second glance from me... but whether they get a third or more.. well, that depends on how good they look in that shirt. Simple really.

21. Crochet - This is something that I began last year, I taught myself to crochet and I flippin love it. Those granny squares are a passion of mine, and I have so many ideas for this year including more Santa Socks!

22. Gardening - I like to spend time out in the garden with the plants and the grass and yep - love to do some gardening.

23. Freshly Laundered Bedding - What is not to love about fresh clean bedding? Perfection!

24. Flowers - I love having fresh flowers in my home

25. Spending time with my Mum - I'm lucky that I've always been close to my Mum and we've always done stuff together. She's like my best friend too. We have such a laugh, and she's supported me through SO much, and stood by me, I don't know what i'd do without her.

26. Books - I can't end the blog without saying that yes, books make me happy. I book blog, I review books, I have done for a few years, and I still have ALL my books from my childhood. I may have currently hit a book reading slump but they still make me happy and I know that they will continue to do so.

So there you have my list of 26 things that makes me happy. I'd love to hear what makes you happy, you don't have to do as many as me, or you could do more... totally up to you...whatever makes you happy.

Thank's for stopping by and reading what makes me happy.

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