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The Enchanted Egg - By Kallie George

Title | The Enchanted Egg - Magical Adoption Agency Series 

Author | Kallie George 

Publisher | Disney Books

Publication Date | 3rd November 2015 

ISBN | 9781423183835

Source | Review Copy (Netgalley)

Purchase | Amazon 

A Page of Fictional Love Rating | 5/5 

For children of ages 8-12 

There's a new resident at the Magical Animal Adoption Agency-but this one hasn't hatched yet! Mr. Jams brought home an enchanted egg from his last journey, and Clover can't wait to find out what kind of creature the polka-dotted shell contains.

But one morning when Clover checks on the cozy nest of feathers she's made for the egg, she finds it empty, and the baby animal is nowhere in sight! Clover is anxious to find the creature, but the Agency is full of visitors looking for pets of their own. Will Clover be able to match them with their perfect companions and save the mysterious animal before Mr. Jams returns from his trip?

This has to be THE cutest children's book I've ever seen and read since Lucy Daniels' Animal Ark series back when I was a child. The book cover is utterly adorable, and I can see so many young children wanting to read this book based on the cover alone - huge selling point, and one that I would succumb to myself.

The story features a little girl called Clover who helps out at a Magical Animal Adoption agency that organises adoptions of magical animals... and she does this under the supervision of Mr Jams. In this book, which is Book 2, (book 1 is available for pre-order for October 2015) Mr Jams has to go away for a while and leaves Clover in charge of the magical egg that is not due to hatch.. just yet, but no one can be entirely sure because no one has actually ever seen an egg of this kind before.

During the time that Clover is in charge, giants from the beanstalk stop by, an 'imaginary' pet stops by with a little girl who comes with her leprechaun father to adopt an animal, AND Clover has a confidence crisis when she thinks that she can't look after the agency properly. But Clover has to learn how to believe in herself, and believe in the people and friends around her.

This is an amazingly charming book that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike, and I really enjoyed reading this myself. Definitely one for your child's bookshelf.

From the point of view of a teaching assistant with an interest in primary school aged children's reading abilities, I can wholeheartedly recommend this book because it offers;

  • progression for children's reading ability through the introduction of 'larger' words
  • comprehension opportunities aplenty... asking children questions such as; What do you think this book's about by looking at the cover? Do you think this book is factual or fantasy? Why do you think that? If you could hatch a magical animal from an egg, what would the animal be called? what would it look like? Favourite food? Colour of egg? etc... 
  • enjoyment of reading which is important for children, because it by enjoying reading that they are encouraged to read more, develop their language skills and thus equip themselves for further learning right into adulthood 

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