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A Killing Moon by Steven Dunne

Title | A Killing Moon  
Author | Steven Dunne

Publisher | Headline 

Publication Date | 13th August 2015

Source | Review Copy

ISBN | 9781472214898

Purchase | Amazon

A Page of Fictional Love Rating | 5/5 

For the young woman kidnapped on her way home from the pub, the nightmare is about to begin…
Weeks after Caitlin Kinnear goes missing, the police are unable to break her case. Worse they are not even certain harm has come to her. But determined to pursue all leads, DI Damen Brook and his team begin to trawl through the murky world of cheap migrant labour. Convinced that the answers lie hidden within its depths, Brook soon begins to realise Caitlin is in terrible danger.
When the body of another young girl turns up it becomes clear that Caitlin’s abduction might not be an isolated incident and the race is on to save her. But with time running out, can Brook put the pieces together and find Caitlin before it’s too late?

I was rather excited to read this book when it arrived on my doorstep a few weeks ago. In fact I'd say that I also felt a little scared... because it's a hefty book to read, and I knew it was one that would grab my total attention.

I've never read anything by Steven Dunne before, so I had not had the pleasure of meeting DI Damen Brook... but when I did I instantly loved him. Not in a mushy romantic kind of way, but in a "wow this guy kicks ass!" kind of way. I was instantly drawn in by the plot and the characters and each and every one of them, although some were bad... OK a lot were bad, I still liked them and saw how they each were adding value to the plot. The chemistry between Brook and his team is brilliant, and I loved how he called in 'favours' with the chief superintendent.

The story line itself is a raw, and pretty awful one in that it's horrible to think that crimes like this actually go on in our world...but they do and it makes you grateful for the work... jeez the sheer amount of work that goes into investigating and bringing these big headed vile beings to justice.

The team piece together evidence of foreign students going missing... female students. There is a connection between these disappearances, and it's not until you reach almost the end... (I'm not saying where exactly - so no skipping chapters!) that you fully understand the connection between them. I will say that some of these women might in fact be found dead... some may survive... but Who? How? and When? Well, you'll just have to read this book to find out.

I honestly really enjoyed it, and have already put the other 4 books in the series on my Christmas Wish List.... Santa, I've been a very good girl this year .... Not sure if Santa even reads my blog but had to mention it just in case.

Anyway, Please, if you like crime novels, mysteries, enjoyed watching programs like; Broadchurch, The Bill (I know... I'm ancient), CSI, etc then you definitely need to read this book. Ahhh just go read it already!

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