Ebook Review : Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe by Rebecca Raisin

Title: Christmas at the Gingerbread Café by Rebecca Raisin

Published by: Carina / Harlequin UK

RRP: £2.99

Availability: E-Book Only for £1.79

My rating: 5/5


The icing on her Christmas cake!

Christmas is the season The Gingerbread Café was made for…but owner Lily couldn’t be feeling less merry if she tried. She’s spent another year dreaming of being whisked away on a sleigh-ride for two, but she’s facing festive season alone – again. And, just to give her another reason to feel anything other than candy-cane perky, a new shop across the road has opened… Not only is it selling baked goods but the owner, and his seriously charming smile, has every girl in town swooning.

But Lily isn’t about to let her business crumble - The Gingerbread Café is the heart of the community, and she’s going to fight for it! This could be the Christmas that maybe, just maybe, all her dreams – even the someone-to-decorate-the-Christmas-tree with ones – really do come true!


Having wanted to read this book for ages, the opportunity presented itself to me when Rebecca sent me all three books to read which I promised to review for her. So this is the first of the three in the series.

Lil owns a sweet little shop called Gingerbread Café, whom she runs with her best friend and widow, CeeCee who is just the funniest, most upfront woman I've ever read. She's so relatable and instantly made me think of my best friends Mum and Nan with her honest and protective yet humorous influence on Lil.

It's coming up to Christmas so the whole town is preparing for the festivities, with Lil and CeeCee baking delightful and mouth-watering scrumptious food. I don't know how I didn't devour a whole box of chocolates whilst reading this! The shop over the road from Lil's is recently been taken over by a guy named Damon... he's from a rich family who've lived in the town forever... but Lil doesn't have any idea who he is. Both CeeCee and Lil assume he's selling small gifts.... but when they find out that he's competition, Lil heads over to give him what for!

CeeCee thinks it's time Lil moves on from her ex, Joel and sees sparks between Damon and Lil... but Lil thinks she's out of her mind. With the town not being the big enough for the both of them, how will Lil cope when Damon starts taking her customers, and with them, her profits? She can't let the Gingerbread Café run to ruin, yet she's hardly a match for wealthy Damon is she? How will she be able to match his shop interior? They couldn't exactly join forces could they, so that no one loses out? Could they?

Lil does what she does best, and cooks her heart out, which seems to soften it and before she knows it, she's over at Damon's shop handing him her delicious treats, but is that all he gets of her?

At one point, when I was reading about CeeCee I laughed so uncontrollably, that I had my mother looking at me like I was high on something.... I absolutely loved this little treat of a book, short and a sweet introduction to the beautiful masterpieces of Rebecca Raisin. With two more follow up books to continue to tempt your tastebuds, I can't recommend this ebook enough as a short festive read with likeable, realistic characters whom warm your heart.

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