Author Interview: Amy Griffin ~ Author of "Before You Say Yes"

Amy Griffin, Author of "Before You Say Yes" is on tour right now in the chick lit world - each day from the 29th September until 10th October, Amy will be featured on chick lit blogs to promote her new book >>>>

It's available to buy 6th October (the day after my Birthday!) and I strongly urge you to do so, because it is a fabulous read that you will LOVE!

Today, Amy is dropping by A Page of Love for a nice cuppa and a chat about the things we love most - books, books, and well books! So go grab yourself a cuppa and sit down to this book love chat.

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Dawn @ APOL: ~ Amy, Thank you for stopping by A Page of Love on your Book Blog Tour for Before You Say Yes. Can you tell us a little about your book?

Amy Griffin: ~ Thanks so much for having me, it is a pleasure to be visiting!

Before You Say Yes is romantic comedy about three friends navigating three very different stages of love. Marriage, divorce and that awful phase that we have all been through in relationships -  when you are trying to decide if you should stay or go. . .

Ellie always knew that the sex with Adam would die down one day. Sometime in their seventies, she thought, with the memory  of their steamy years to look back on. Not sometime in their thirties with only one year that could reliably fit in the steamy category. And Ellie can’t help but feel that she is the only one who is worried.

Her best friend is getting divorced – if her husband ever stops sending the papers back unsigned – her sister is planning a wedding, and Ellie is coming to terms with her biggest decision yet. Because when it comes to the big decisions in life, you want to be really sure before you say yes. 


Dawn @ APOL: ~ Oooh, it sounds amazing! I love plots that make you giggle, So for you what was the most enjoyable part of writing it?

Amy Griffin: ~ Weaving together the two time periods was challenging but when it clicked it was so great to see it all working together. There is the present day story of Chrissie's wedding plans and Jen's divorce and then the past tense story of how Ellie found herself in a sexless relationship and tried to work out why. Getting the balance right of the good times and tough times in the two stories was hard, but so exciting when it all fell into place.


Dawn @ APOL: ~ Time periods are tricky to navigate aren't they? Who is you favourite character?

Amy Griffin: ~ I love Jen. She is feisty and funny and I want to be just like her - if only I didn't care so much about what people think! Jen takes no prisoners, she lives life on her terms but later in the book we see that she is also vulnerable and can been hurt like the rest of us. And then she bounces back stronger and funnier than before. She also has a fantastic collection of shoes.


Dawn @ APOL: ~ SHOES?! I love shoes! Jen might be a favourite of mine too, she's so relatable as a character! So how did you know you wanted to become a chick lit author, and how did you go about becoming one?

Amy Griffin: ~ I have always loved books that centre around people, relationships and the choices we make. Or books about what happens when things don't turn out the way we hoped. Chick lit often explores love and happy endings but I particularly wanted to write about the darker things we go through when friendships are tested or when love goes wrong.  I wanted to write honestly about the hard situations we find ourselves in but to do it with humour and with hope.


Dawn @ APOL: ~ We certainly do need more humour and hope in our lives. What did it feel like when you finally saw your book in print and the moment you saw your book cover?

Amy Griffin: ~ The first time you see your book cover is a huge moment. It is when your work really comes to life and you suddenly realise that you actually wrote a book! Writing a novel is a big thing- too big to let yourself think about along the way, you just keep going a little bit at a time until it is done - so the moment when it all comes to life is a huge milestone.


Dawn @ APOL: ~ I can imagine, speaking of imaginations, as we're coming towards Hallowe'en, would you ever consider a chick lit novel/novella with a scary/Hallowe'en theme?

Amy Griffin: ~ I love the idea of writing a scary book but I am such a cowardy-custard that I can't read a Stephen King book without a torch in one hand and a sink plunger in the other to protect myself from the ghosties.  I have an idea in the back of my little brain for a book about long hidden secrets and what happens to people's relationships when those secrets come out. . . sounds pretty scary to me.


Dawn @ APOL: ~ Secrets are definitely scary! For APOL readers who might want to spill some writing secrets of their own, what tips would you give an aspiring author?

Amy Griffin: ~ The most important thing is to be kind to yourself and remember that good writing never happens in the first draft. A finished book goes through many, many re-writes so don't feel dismayed if your first draft is terrible. Most first drafts are. I know mine definitely are. The important thing is to get something down on paper, then tomorrow you will sit down and edit it and gradually your book will start to take shape. But most of all write, even if it is terrible, just write. Then you edit and the story you wanted to tell will start to come to life.


Dawn @ APOL: ~  That is really good advice whether you're writing a novel or even an essay, it's important to write. Are you planning any future novels and could you give us a sneaky teaser?

Amy Griffin: ~ Well *glances over shoulder * just between you me and the A Page of Love readers . . . I am working on my upcoming novel about three friends in their thirties and what happens when they challenge each other to give up their bad habits.

Lauren has been clinging to her bad habit for years, but maybe she doesn't need it anymore. Ana is in need of a serious distraction and Cassie thinks she can quit any time she wants, but when faced with giving it up, it seems that her bad habit is something much stronger and darker than anyone ever knew.

Can Lauren let herself be happy in love. Can Ana let go of her terrible ex. Can Cassie give up the habit that threatens everything she loves. And can their friendship remain intact along the way? Tune in next June to find out what happens!

Dawn @ APOL: ~ Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by A Page of Love and chatting with us about your new book Before You Say Yes, and letting us in to your world as an author. We also thank you for sharing some future plot secrets with us - we can't wait to read it already!  We wish you so much love and success with your book and look forward to reading more of your work. We've loved having you stop by, please visit soon!

Amy Griffin: ~ Thanks for having me, I've loved being an interviewee. I hope you enjoy Before You Say Yes. See you soon, Amy x


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