My Latest Book Hoard & Why I Heart Chick-Lit

This is me. Dawn. And I am a total book worm, although I really wish I could think of prettier name for myself rather than Book Worm... I've never been all that fond of worms.

I wanted to connect with you in this blog post because I really think it's important for me to do that for you and for myself, it's a kind of chat where you get to know a bit more about me and the general life I live.

I've always had my nose in a book and my mind in a life somewhere imagined (by the author), reading is my sanctuary and when times get tough I grab a book and lose myself in it until I feel ready to surface again.

Today we welcome the first day of October, and for me it's the start of the countdown to my 26th birthday which will be on the 5th October. I feel in the past year I've grown a lot (not in a growth height spurt - I'm happy at 5ft 6in), and I can honestly say that I feel at home with who I am. A lot of that has to do with really throwing myself into not just reading chick-lit, because I've always read chick lit from as far back as I can remember, but the blogging about it has really been only happening this year. Chick Lit lights me up and allows me to be me... the real me and I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not in order to talk/write about something that really doesn't fill me up.

Speaking of filling up, I filled up quite a few shopping bags today.... full of books! Do you want to see my latest book hoard? It might actually give Rebecca Bloomwood a run for her money, because for her it was shoes, whereas for me, it's books! The more the merrier. I have all my childhood books by authors such as Dick King-Smith, The Babysitters club series, Animal Ark Series, to Heartbreak CafĂ©, Megan trilogy - (these actually went round a group of friends of mine in high school - they were gripped just as I was and they always wanted to know if I had the next book for them to read and when I did they needed me to hurry up so they could start), all these books are in the spare bedroom and take up nearly half of the room! Just today Mum and I were discussing getting a new 6 shelf bookcase but we figured we'd need another 2! But I absolutely needed a new booking spree.

I was so excited when I got home from shopping to find I had book post from publishers and I can't wait to read them! I'm actually getting my Mum on board to help out with the occasional read so that we can get these reviews of all these amazing books out to you because we know that everyone loves a good book.
I admit that I'm a super fast reader but this past week I've been a little slow because I'm finishing up University assignments. But once this weekend and my birthday (Sunday if you hadn't worked it out) has gone I'll be back full throttle!
I absolutely love being able to share with you a true passion of mine that I hope rubs off on you and inspires you to keep reading, keep escaping, and keep finding that happy place. In a future post I'll be sharing with you significant books that have made a huge impact on my life and I'll be dishing all on why they are so poignant. I'd love to know what books you have read that have helped you through your life. Just pop a comment below and share A Page Of Love in your life.
Don't forget to pop back tomorrow for a fab EXCLUSIVE on the blog tour of Amy Griffin's Before You Say Yes! 

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