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Wellness | Hooray for Self Care Day's!

Hello gorgeous, 

I wanted to share something with you today that may surprise some of you, and for other's you might just feel a huge weight lifted off of your shoulder's knowing that you are not alone in feeling this way. 

Have you ever had a really crappy day where absolutely everything that could go wrong did go wrong? Maybe you've had a few days like this, each strung together making you feel highly strung yourself. I know I have. And I still do. 

Yes, I may be doing a lot better with my anxious moments, but I still have those crappy days. I had one yesterday in fact. Which is what has led me to share my story with you, in the hope that by my owning my story and sharing my authenticity with you, you will find strength, comfort and a way forward yourself. 

So first, let me tell you briefly about my crappy string of days. (oh joy!) 

Well, I've been on somewhat of a rollercoaster of emotions which is all normal and part of being human, but I was getting more and more interconnected days of sheer crap being thrown at me in one way or another. Yes it did all get worse because of my perception of it and I could have chosen to see it as a lesson and see what I could do to love the situations, but I didn't. I had one of those crazy normal human moments and decided to wallow. Oh don't we love a good wallow? 

So anyway, yesterday was the catalyst for change. It reached the eruption moment where my emotions transformed from frustration to anger, to full on flowing tears and finally to peace. Hallelujah! 

So today I decided that even though I felt calmer, I felt more inner peace, and less anxious and stressed out, it was time for a Semi- Self Care Day. I was not prepared to throw myself into the day with the previous stressy days on my tail. I needed to feel the peace in my entire day before I could allow myself to step foot onto the hot coals of normal life. I'm blessed to have the ability to take a semi- self care day working part time and being a student, I don't have the 9-5 daily grind. But if like me you can't take the whole day for self care, here's my top 5 ways that you can incorporate Self Care into your Day in order to reconnect, recharge, and reboot yourself. 

1.) Take 5-15 minutes to yourself and do something calming
- This could be a brief moment of meditation or even checking in with Natalie Macneil's SoulShots from her SoulSeconds website. I adore getting my daily SoulShot and regularly post mine to my instagram account. Sometimes I even make use of time in the restroom to do this!! You gotta utilise your day people! 

2.) Disconnecting for at least 5-10 minutes - I struggled with this at first but now I look forward to it. At any point throughout the day, when I know that it is safe to do so, I switch off my WiFi, close my laptop, put my mobile phone in a drawer switched off, and I just disconnect for everyone. This allows me to do things without a distraction and I feel free for those brief moments in a day. 

3.) Take a Cleansing Bath - This is my sanctuary time, and I have at least an hour for this. I fill the bathtub with sea salt, pop on spa inspired music and read a book. 

4.) Go for a walk - Honestly, don't underestimate the power of a walk and the wonders it can do for you. I used to feel all uncomfortable going for a walk and sitting in a park, but as part of my ME TIME now I look forward to this time. Knowing that I am walking alone and am going to get 5 minutes to myself is all the motivation I need to get there - which helps boost my cardio in my day!

5.) And lastly, Move Your Body - I don't care what form of exercise you do, ballet, barre, pilates, yoga, rock climbing, swimming, running, Beachbody Programs (one of my favourites!),  going to the gym or walking. Whatever it is, just move your body for 30 minutes. In the words of Elle Woods aka Legally Blonde; "Exercise gives you endorphins, Endorphins make you happy - and happy people just don't kill people!" HaHa, Ok so maybe not as dramatic as that, but you get my point? Exercise boosts the bodies production of serotonin, and anyone who is depressed or suffers from SAD will tell you - Serotonin is the good stuff. 

5.5) An add on point; Honour your GUT - I'm serious, around 90% of the bodies natural made serotonin is made in your .... GUT so when we wellness coaches and bloggers talk about GUT health, we are doing so for your health, wellbeing and happiness - literally! I'll be talking more in the future about this exact point so keep an eye out! 

Let me know how you get on implementing my top 5 (5.5) tips on bringing self care into your day by leaving a comment below. Perhaps you have your own self care day tips - awesome!! Leave YOUR top tips in the comments below for everyone to benefit from, and share the wellbeing! 

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