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Hello Gorgeous! 

Today I have a review of a book that is one of my top reads of 2016. I adored it so much and would love to read a follow on book! 

Title | Summer at Skylark Farm 

Author | Heidi Swain 

Publisher | Simon & Schuster UK 

Purchase | Amazon 

Rating 5/5 

For everyone dreaming of escaping to the country, fall in love this summer at Skylark Farm...

Amber is a city girl at heart. So when her boyfriend Jake Somerville suggests they move to the countryside to help out at his family farm, she doesn't quite know how to react. But work has been hectic and she needs a break so she decides to grasp the opportunity and make the best of it.

Dreaming of organic orchards, paddling in streams and frolicking in fields, Amber packs up her things and moves to Skylark Farm. But life is not quite how she imagined - it's cold and dirty and the farm buildings are dilapidated and crumbling.

But Amber is determined to make the best of it and throws herself into farm life. But can she really fit in here? And can she and Jake stay together when they are so different?

A story of love in the countryside from the author of the bestselling The Cherry Tree Café. Perfect for Escape to the Country dreamers, Cath Kidston fans and Country Living addicts!

The second this book landed on my kindle to read from Simon & Schuster UK (THANK YOU!) I began devouring it. I couldn't stop reading. Heidi had absolutely nothing to worry about with this book, in fact Heidi... if I were you I'd be channelling that worry into book 2! *angel face* 

I adored this book for so many reasons, and if it were in paperback I could gush about how the cover always made me smile gazing up at me whenever I managed to put it down, but alas on the kindle I didn't have that so much, but even so. The cover is utterly beautiful, and the contents inside are simply fabulous!
Heidi made me smile SO much with this book that I have to say she caught me out. I thought I knew where the story was going... you know the typical woman chooses career abroad aka opportunity of a lifetime and wishes she'd chosen the man, returns home and discovers he's moved on and in fact just before we end the book we discover they do still love each other and finally have a happily ever after together???? Yeah, I was wrong! Because whilst that is a fabulous storyline, what Heidi has written is OMG SO MUCH BETTER!!! 

I could tell you how it really goes... but NO... You must read it for yourself and be inspired at how TRUE LOVE really does shine through this story and how realistic and utterly relatable it is. I know I could imagine this actually happening. 

I would not hesitate for a split second on recommending this book and it is so brilliant that I am debating whether it could actually knock off my current number 1 read of 2016! 

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