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Review: A Hopeaholics Hallelujah by Vanessa Leah Stevenson

Title: A Hopeaholics Hallelujah 

Author: Vanessa Leah Stevenson

Paperback: £10.00 

Kindle: £2.99

A Page of Fictional Love Rating: 

A suspenseful Rom-Com based on a sensational True Story. 


SINERS needed NOW for a Wroking Holliday in Cyprus! 
Work six nites/week. Injoy sites in the day. And sun and beech. 

3 munth kontrakt. Start ASAP.' 

Only desperate people answer dodgy ads . . . 

Enter reckless optimist Jessica Hollingberry. 

The gamble is audacious. The stakes are high. But all Jess sees is the chance to win back her fiancé and turn her life around. Anyway, it’s not like it’s a life-or-death situation; it’s just a short stint on an exotic island. What’s the worst that could happen? 

Then she meets delectable, irresistible Aidan Reynolds, and she suddenly realises the odds were stacked against her from the start. She doesn't have a prayer. 

Dawn's Thoughts: 

This is one hefty book to read! It's taken me a while admittedly due to health reasons but I stuck with it even though other things were nudging at me to get done. I really liked it! The play-on title makes you think of Sophie Kinsella, and her shopaholic series. But this is so much different - it focuses on singing abroad in Cyprus, rather than shopping in New York. 

Jessica is so likeable and raw in an honest and refreshing way that you can't help but want things to go right for her, and the way the book begins with her not knowing WHO or HOW she ended up in bed with a bare bottom, you just know that Jess is one of those characters that does the funniest things. She certainly kept me entertained.

Then you meet Aidan who does sound rather delicious and you really want something romantic to happen between him and Jess.. but you'll have to read it yourself to find out because my lips are sealed! And then there is the crazy brother and sister combo that are Jessica's managers... although if you ask me they couldn't manage an .....*****..... Ahem! 

Jessica takes you on a road to discovery in this book purely to try and work out whose bare bottom it is in her bed and how it got there. It's a good choice of book if you are heading off on holiday for a fortnight because it will be your companion for the entire holiday. 

Well worth a read if you're into romance, Cyprus and the Entertainment industry, and also happen to enjoy a good Rom-Com. 

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