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Carina Catch Up ~ Q&A with Anabelle Bryant

Hi there everyone, 

As you may know, Carina publishes all over the world so we have authors from the UK and even as far as Australia! And I've got some fabulous Q&As with amazing Carina UK Authors. We've already received so many hits for the Q&A with Samantha Tonge  and today we get to meet yet another fabulous Author. 

Hosting the "Carina Catch Up" (which by the way, please use the HASHTAG #CarinaCatchUp if you are on Twitter and Social Media), is an author I've not had much awareness of ... that is until NOW! She is brilliant, and has written some pretty saucy books (See them here ), is a Bestselling Historical Romance author,  which very much remind me of books my mum used to read.  

Please welcome, Anabelle Bryant; 

Hi, and welcome to A Page of Fictional Love. It's lovely to have you here for a Q&A. I love being able to do these Q&As because we get to chat with the author of books we love and we meet the real person behind the words.

Congratulations on your published novels; Being a published author must make you feel so excited? 

Becoming published had been a dream of mine for over a decade so finally realizing my heart’s wish was amazing. I cried when I received my first contract and I rarely cry at anything.

Can you remember the moment that you discovered that you were going to be a published author? 

I can see it in my mind perfectly. I was reading my emails and almost deleted “the all-important life-changing email” because I thought it was spam or an advertisement. I was rushing and almost pressed delete, but something made me pause and then once I started reading my heart began to race.

What is your experience of being an author? 

I love writing, but I’m also an elementary teacher. Between teaching, writing, and life in general, time is sparse. Add the layer of all time consuming promotion and I’m usually dead tired by the end of the day. Lucky for me, I’d tried to become published for so long, I had a few full length novels to reread, edit and submit while I try desperately to balance life’s demands.

As someone who has written extremely short stories, I know how difficult I find the process of writing to be when you're trying to cram all your bursts of ideas in. How do you find the writing process? Are there any tips you have on writing a better novel? 

My advice is to let it sleep while you sleep. In other words, whenever I feel trapped by my plot or frustrated with my hero, I let the book rest and I do something different – sometimes even sleep. When I wake up or return to my laptop, I often have a better feel for the problem. As far as the writing process, I love the beginning of a new novel. The first several chapters when the hero and heroine are beginning their romance is the favorite part for me.

Can you share with us a typical writing day for you? 

Typical writing days are Saturday and Sunday, otherwise during the week I only have an hour or less in the evening. On the weekends, I’m up early and working social media while I visit and revisit my manuscript. I don’t sit in front of my story for hours on end unless I’m rereading or editing. When I write I’m definitely more hit and run. Write a few pages, dabble in Twitter, write a few more, check out Facebook. Lol.

Where did your inspiration for writing come from? 

I’m a certified word-nerd and proud of it. I love words and am always up to play Scrabble or read a dictionary. Something about syllabication and clever turns of phrase ignites my love to write. I know my author voice is not the norm, and I think that’s because I’m very interested in how the words play together on the page.

What comes first when inspiration strikes; The characters, the plot, or the ending?

Inspiration strikes for me with a particular scene and I build the plot and story around it. Sometimes it’s only a conversation, so to answer your question, I would have to choose characters since they are in every part of what I do.

Do other authors inspire you, if yes, who and why?

Sherry Thomas writes the most emotional, heart twisting historical romances I’ve ever read. Lisa Kleypas has inspired me to put humor into my stories. Certain works from Julia Quinn, Loretta Chase and Eloisa James are also favorites.

What was it like when you first submitted your manuscript?

Let me lean on my huge pile of rejections while I answer this question. Lol! I have a lot of rejections, but oddly, about 80% of them were near misses, always encouraging and providing positive feedback about my writing. I knew I was close…but how long “close” took was another story altogether.

What is your biggest “Author Dream*?  

Well, the new historical romance series that began two weeks ago is connected by the charms on a bracelet. I can totally see that as a mini-series on television. I wouldn’t say “no” to that! Of course, that would drive my book up the charts to New York Times Bestseller. It’s all connected…these wild dreams of mine.

How do you celebrate Publication day? 

Sadly, it’s rather an ordinary day. There’s so much to do…not too much time for celebration. I think I need to change that in the future.

What is it like to hold your paperback/ebook reader in your hand and see the words you wrote available for millions to read? 

I’m so very guilty of not taking time to relish in my success and “smell the roses”. The first time my work popped up on my Kindle I stared at it a long time. It was a goal long fought for and finally won! A surreal moment!!

What was the last book you read, and what did you enjoy most about it? 

I am reading Julie AnneLong’s A Love Like No Other and enjoying it. Her PennyRoyal Green series is about 15 books long, so this is #3 and I have many more in the series to look forward too. I think knowing that I’ll be with these characters for a long time makes it most enjoyable for me.

What would your dreamiest book hero hunk be like? 

My hero hunk must be tall, with dark hair, dark eyes, a good build, and longer hair. My most recent book, Defying The Earl, nailed my description perfectly.

Defying the Earl (Regency Charms - Book 1) 

What can we look forward to in your *new* book out later this year? 

My Regency Charms series just launched with book 1 releasing May 5th. The next 3 books are already up for pre-sale. (No pressure there!) Book 2 comes out in August and is titled Undone By His Kiss. I feel it’s one of my best romances yet and I’m totally in love with the hero.

Are any of your characters based on you? Or someone you know?

I suppose all of my characters possess a little of my personality, but my heroes are all inspired by celebrities who catch my eye. Jared Leto, Gabriel Aubry, Orlando Bloom, and Colin Farrell have all provided me with inspiration.

Before we finish up, can you share where you love for the fictional pages first came from? Perhaps a memory from childhood?

I was an avid reader since age 3 and always in trouble because I wouldn’t put the book down and come to the table for dinner, or get in the bath, or go outside and play. I therefore learned to take my book with me everywhere and just do as I was told, reading in secret. It became second nature because I still take a book everywhere.

I can't believe this is the end of the interview (sob!) I've had such a great time talking with you I'd love to invite you back to talk more your books in the future. 

Thank you so much for having me for a chat. I really enjoyed this interview!

From all my readers here and myself, we wish you the very best success with your books, and can't wait to see them listed as a Bestseller! 

Make sure that you check out her amazing historical romances by searching on Amazon for them. I'm off to find that Hunk of an Earl we heard about in Defying the Earl... I love a dark, tall and well built guy. Mmmmm lol. 

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