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#HIFortnight EXTRA - Book Review: Twitter Girl by Nic Tatano

Meet America's Tweet-Heart.
She's network reporter Cassidy Shea, better known as @TwitterGirl, with more than a million followers thanks to her sarcastic tweets. One hundred forty characters that can take anyone down a notch.
But while brevity may be the soul of wit, it can also get you fired.
When a controversial tweet goes viral the snarky redhead finds herself locked out of the career she loves… and watches her boyfriend take a hike.
Alas, no industry values sarcasm more than politics, and Cassidy becomes a marketable commodity for Presidential candidate Will Becker, a squeaky-clean, stone cold lock to be the next occupant of the White House. This candidate is unlike any other; he's the country's most eligible bachelor. He's also looking for a running mate, and we're not talking about a Vice President.
Twitter Girl has caught his eye.
Cassidy finds herself swept up in a whirlwind romance that turns her into the next Jackie Kennedy and becomes the favorite to be the next First Lady. The country can't get enough of America's First Couple… will Cassidy and Will Becker bring back Camelot?
But an anonymous tip triggers her journalistic curiosity. Is Will Becker all that he seems? The search for the answer teaches Cassidy the meaning of love.


I can't believe it took me so long to finally read this book because once I started I couldn't stop! I am a HUGE fan of Twitter and I remember when this first came out, you could (and still can!) actually tweet Cassidy from the book at @TwitterGirl ! It's totally cool, so freaking unique, and awesome! 

I loved Cassidy from the start, she totally doesn't see anything wrong with being honest... on social media... brutally honest. And why should she? I am all for it and am totally High Fiveing her! It seems that whilst it appears that she is strangely public enemy numbero uno, appearances can be deceptive. Not everyone in America is slamming Cassidy aka @TwitterGirl, and just like we have been dealing with politicians here in the UK... I know queue all the groans... Cassidy catches the eye of a potential President. Not one for politics.. who is?! ... Cassidy gets offered the position of tweeting on behalf of the one and only Will Becker; Potential President to America, in the hope of helping him win. She gets to be sarcastic, and believe me she really is the Queen of Twitter!, and she gets paid for it. 

But tweeting isn't the only thing that Cassidy has on her mind, with the fluttering of eyelashes between her and Mr President... romance is blossoming and not just for Cassidy. We also get to meet Cassidy's brother who is an utter sweetheart. He was involved in a car accident and became paralysed but like a true hero doesn't moan about it and instead has a wonderful outlook on life. He's always quite liked... loved Cassidy's best friend who knows but he doesn't know that she knows! 

And then there is the charming guy Cassidy works with, who I have to say, from the start I had an inkling about him and his feelings for Cassidy. The thing is, Is Cassidy the kind of girl to not see what is right in front of her? She is a former journalist after all, and she's almost trained to dig deeper than usual. Can she uncover the secrets (if there are any) of Will's past? Can she uncover the feelings of the men in her life? And how will Twitter play out in all this? 

Why in one hundred and forty characters of course ;) 

I loved this book SO much that 5 Page of Fictional Love hearts doesn't seem enough! 

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