Book News: Sarah Morgan - Puffin Island Book 2

OK, so it's my Nerdy Book Blogging Duty - and if I don't tell you then I may just com-bust with excitement!!!! -  to inform you about book news regarding the delightful Sarah Morgan.

We all loved her Snow Crystals trilogy and we all got super excited when we discovered First Time in Forever hitting our shelves the start of this month. Why? Because 1 it's Sarah Morgan, and 2, it's a new series of books - Puffin Island Books. So imagine my utter excitement... I seriously jumped up and fist pumped the air and then straightened my glasses when I discovered that.... 

PUFFIN ISLAND BOOK 2 is due out ..... 2nd July 2015!!!!** 
**Kindle Version 

This Year... literally 4 months away! YiPeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! 

And not only that, but here is the fabulous cover (at present - it may change slightly!) 

So we know that Puffin Island, Book 2 is going to be called: Some Kind of Wonderful 

This one is going to focus on Brittany's life whereas  First Time In Forever (which I'm currently reading) is centered around Emily's Life. I can only guess that Book 3 will be all about Skylar! 


Fiery archaeologist Brittany Forrest has stayed away from Puffin Island since her relationship with Zac Hayward went bad – they were married for ten days and only just managed not to kill each other by the end of the honeymoon.

She was happy to lend Castaway Cottage to her friends when they needed it but when a broken arm means she must return home from her Crete dig Brittany moves back to her Puffin Island home. Only to discover that Zac is there as well.

Will a summer together help two lovers reunite or will their stormy relationship crash onto the rocks of Puffin Island?

So, go on tell me.... are you as excited as I am?????!!!! 

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  1. I am so so soooo excited for Some Kind of Wonderful! First Time in Forever was fab! Wahooooo!