FRIDAY FAVES & BOOK NEWS: A Trio for 2015 from Debbie Macomber

So, this is the post I was going to initially share with you the other day. But I thought I'd re-schedule for today... my Friday Faves which will be a NEW feature on A Page of Love. 

Every Friday I will attempt (I say attempt because life does get in the way at times) to post something that I LOVE for you. 

For our first FRIDAY FAVES we have the BOOK NEWS of one of my absolute favourite authors; Debbie Macomber. There are 3 books coming our way throughout 2015 and I want to share with you those 3 books and what they are about. 

First up, we have; 

by Debbie Macomber 

Available from: 26th February 2015 on both Kindle for £4.79  and in Paperback  £7.09 


Finding the one was never meant to be easy…

Janine Hartman isn’t looking for a husband, but when Zach Thomas breezes into her life she is caught off guard. He’s the complete opposite to her in every way, so why does her heart start to skip a beat when he is around? Could he be her perfect match after all?

Single mum Joanna Parsons is perfectly happy leaving married life in the past….until she meets Tanner Lund. Their daughters’ might think they are a perfect for each other, except Tanner and Joanna are determined to resist marriage. 

But true love won’t be ignored!

Next up: 

Last One Home 

by Debbie Macomber 

Available: 26th March 2015 in both KINDLE £4.49  and PAPERBACK £4.79 
It will also be available as a Hardback, and in Audio Book form too. 


The first ever stand-alone novel from international bestseller Debbie Macomber, author of Blossom Street Brides and Rose Harbor in Bloom. A story about the enduring bond between sisters, the power of forgiveness, and a second chance at love.
Twelve years ago, Cassie Carter chose the wrong man, and one fateful event drove three sisters apart.
Now, hoping to leave her past behind, Cassie has returned to Washington with her daughter. Though her sisters don’t live too far away, she doesn’t expect to see them. Karen, the oldest, is a busy wife and mother, balancing her career with raising her two children. And Nichole, the youngest, is a stay-at-home mum whose husband indulges her every whim. But one day, Cassie receives a letter from Karen, offering the hope of reconciliation.
As Cassie opens herself up to new possibilities – making amends with her sisters, finding love once more – she realises the power of compassion, and the promise of a fresh start.

And Lastly, we have this; 

We are awaiting the cover reveal and i'll bring you that as soon as I have it. 

by Debbie Macomber 

Available: 27th August 2015 in PAPERBACK £5.95, HARDBACK and AUDIO 


Set in Cedar Cove’s charming Rose Harbor Inn, Debbie Macomber’s captivating new novel follows innkeeper Jo Marie and two new guests as they seek healing and comfort, revealing that every cloud has a silver lining, even when it seems difficult to find. 
Since opening the Rose Harbor Inn, Jo Marie Rose has met fascinating people from all walks of life, but none have piqued her interest quite like handyman Mark Taylor. Jo Marie and Mark are good friends—and are becoming something more—yet he still won’t reveal anything about his past. When Mark tells her that he’s moving out of town, Jo Marie is baffled. Just when she is starting to open herself up again to love, she feels once more that she is losing the man she cares about. As she grapples with Mark’s decision and tries to convince him to stay, she welcomes two visitors also seeking their own answers. 
Best friends Kellie Crenshaw and Katie Gilroy have returned to Cedar Cove for their ten-year high school reunion, looking to face down old hurts and find a sense of closure. Kellie, known as Coco, wants to finally confront the boy who callously broke her heart. Katie, however, wishes to reconnect with her old boyfriend, James—the man she still loves and the one who got away. As Katie hopes for a second chance, Coco discovers that people can change—and both look to the exciting possibilities ahead. 
Heartwarming and uplifting, Silver Linings is a beautiful novel of letting go of the past and embracing the unexpected.

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