BOOK REVIEW: Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas by Lindsey Kelk

Title: Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas 

Author: Lindsey Kelk

Publisher: Harper 

Format: Kindle/E-Book

Price: £0.99

A Page of Love Rating: 

Book Description: 

I Heart short story: a new story starring Jenny Lopez. From the bestselling author of What a Girl Wants and I Heart Christmas.

Sleighbells ring, are you listening…

Who wouldn’t want to escape to a cabin in snowy Vermont for Christmas? Jenny Lopez’s year has gone wrong, and Vermont with champagne and a sparkly Christmas tree is going to mend everything, along with her best friend Angela.

She hits a few obstacles along the way, including a major work crisis and some unexpected Christmas companions. But this is Jenny Lopez. She’s determined to have the best Christmas known to man, even if it means dragging a turkey three miles in the snow. 

Single-handedly and in a Santa outfit Jenny Lopez is going to save Christmas - and have the best holiday season ever. 

Dawn's Thoughts: 

I flippin' loved this short story! It was fun, it was sarcastic, It was pure Jenny Lopez! Lindsey Kelk is one of my favourite authors who has written the amazing I Heart series, (which I really should re-read this year in an I HEART-ATHON, and review for you) and About a Girl along with, What a Girl Wants... Lindsey knows what her Chick Lit fans want, and this year, she gave us this beauty! 

Jenny Lopez is sarcastic, funny, and just a downright hoot to hang out with. Seriously if I could call her up I KNOW i'd had the time of my life.

At one point (16% into the book) I could totally relate to the use of strong language that Jenny was using, because at that point, I'd had a day just like it. You couldn't help but smirk and giggle! 

Jenny goes away for a christmas break to "no mans land" with her friends, she offers to be the first there and decorate the tree and make it full on christmas there for when the others arrive. Thing is, her friend who accompanies her, well she's not exactly hands on, so it's up to Jenny to ensure the food gets there, ... in all that snow, and make sure it has heating and light. (That's not so easy).  At one point Jenny has to go out in the snow to COLLECT the food and on her way back she breaks down. I loved how Jenny was verbalizing her fears and actually said a lot of what would have been going through my mind had I broken down in the middle of now-where. When someone comes along and offers to help she thinks he could be out to murder her or kidnap her which whilst serious acts, are actually approached in a fun and belly laugh way.  It's amazing that I laughed out loud so easily with this one, and I feel like Jenny and Lindsey could be sisters (or alter egos!)

I loved that there was a little romance or.. POTENTIAL ROMANCE for Jenny at the end, and the way they were drawn together reminds me an awful lot of me and my man... sometimes it happens in the most humorous of ways. I'd love to see Jenny come back and have some hilarious and outrageous romance! 


Lindsey Kelk   Lindsey Kelk is a British writer and children's book editor. When she isn't writing, reading, listening to music or watching more TV than is healthy, Lindsey likes to wear shoes, shop for shoes and judge the shoes of others. She loves living in New York but misses Sherbert Fountains, London and drinking Gin & Elderflower cocktails with her friends. Not necessarily in that order.

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