A Rise in Crime : Why I will be adding a touch of the 'naughty' to A Page of Love

Hi everyone, 

I hope you're all having a fabulous start to 2015! 

Do you remember when I posted about my 1st Blogiversary? And I mentioned that in the coming year I fully intended on expanding A Page of Love? 

Well, it seems that The Universe (God Bless it) has decided to help me with this. I have been approached by publicists from a couple of publishing houses to consider doing something right out of my genre comfort zone ~ Review Crime Fiction! 

So, I really toyed with the idea because if i'm honest, i'm not really a fan of reading crime fiction, saying that though, i haven't really tried, so I guess how would I know if I didn't try? I have always been a chick-lit and women's fiction and romance kinda gal, which is one of the leading reasons my blog is called A Page of Love. I never really entertained the idea of reading crime fiction because having a father who was a Police Officer, Dog Handler and Plan Drawer for the Murder Squad in the Met, it kind of wasn't something I wanted to do. Having heard the god awful recounts of some of Dad's work in High Profile cases, I wanted something light hearted and fun. 

But, I have decided to give the Crime Fiction a go. I have around 4 books lined up up until around April/May 2015 so lots to tempt you with. If they aren't your cup of tea then please, don't avoid visiting my blog, because I will always be a chick lit, women's fiction and romance girl at heart and they will be coming thick, fast and furious this year. I can't tell you how many exciting things I have lined up already to the middle of the year with chick lit and romance, so be sure to stick around. 

So, fans of Broadchurch, Suspects, CSI Miami ( I love Heratio), NCIS (Gibbs!! That it all!) I have lots of exciting sneak peeks, Author Involvement, Reviews, News and much more coming your way soon! 

Just out of interest, if you can leave a message below (just short and sweet) and let me know how you feel about; 

A Page of Love is for Chick Lit, Crochet, & Crime Fiction!! 

Much Love
Dawn xx 

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