I can't believe that I'm sat here in bed, with my glamour santa duvet,  just after 7am in the morning, on the 9th December 2014 writing my first blogiversary post for A Page of Love!!! :D

OMG, A year of blogging about chick lit and sharing my love for the books that I adore reading!

I need to get plenty of THANK YOUs done before I can move on, so I am firstly just so humbled and grateful to the publishers who believed in me, my little quiet blog in the corner of the webiverse, who supported me, sent me so many fabulous books, e-books and opportunities my way, without you, this would have been harder to do.

The readers of my blog, I am so grateful to you, because without a readership, there would be no point to this blog, I LOVE that you come here, read the reviews, look out for the news, and you have helped me remain consistent throughout this year. It's bringing you the LATEST news and reviews on chick lit that keeps me going! (And my sheer love of books and reading!!)

Authors, my golly gosh, I have met so many amazing authors via the webiverse this year, and your openness, willingness to chat, and really connect with me has humbled my heart so much that it could explode! I love that we are friends and it all started because I had a dream to write a chick lit blog, switch my genre of book reviews, and fully immerse myself in the books! I want to say a special THANK YOU to; Rebecca Raisin - The Gingerbread Queen who I adore!!, and Kerry Fisher - The School Survival Expert, who could give Ray Mears a run for his money when it comes to survival... I love you!!!

Blogging friends!!! Wow there are so many of you and you all have made me feel so welcome in the chick lit blogging world! I was scared when I first started, worried I wouldn't be able to do it, fit in, and would muck up, but you all became my friends, and inspire each and every day. Special shout outs to; Tay - Chicks that Read , Abbey - Miss BookWorm Reviews, Dr. Ananda - This Chick Reads I love you ladies!!!

I know that there are so many more people I could thank, so this THANK YOU is dedicated to anyone I've missed, all my Facebook supporters, Tweeters!!

So did I mention that today is my;

Oh I did? Right well I best tell you how my second year here at A Page of Love is going to go...
Firstly, the books, They can only get better and already 2015 is looking like a fabulous year for chick lit with 2 Carole Matthews books out, Alexandra Potter has an exciting new read, ........... all the details for upcoming releases in 2015 can be found on the 2015 releases page
I cant wait to bring you the reviews and news about them! And will be doing giveaways, competitions ....
Secondly, The Authors, I plan to bring you more author Interviews because trust me, they are not just names on a book, they are awesome people whom you really should get to know and it's just fun to sit down with tea, cake and have a chat... very British right?
Thirdly, I'm hoping to expand slightly... I have discovered a real love for knitting and crochet... so I really hope you don't mind me bringing you posts full of my knitting, crochet and arty adventures... it's all love and that's what were about here...

As a special celebration for my blogiversry, which I organised as little late due to illness, ( I promise ill be more organised for next year!), some fabulous friends of mine have kindly agreed to share their LOVE of chick lit in celebration of my 1st year. We have fellow book bloggers, authors, and a chick lit reader or two! So check back every day over the coming week to see who's celebrating with me!!
Dawn xxxx

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  1. Happy Blogiversary and all thanks are due to you, not've been fabulous and supportive and THANK YOU :)