Blogiversary Guest 1 ~ Author Rebecca Raisin

Thanks for coming back for another day of blogiversary celebration. Yesterday I shared my thanks for all the support I've had over the past year, and I even shared with you my plans for the coming year.

Today, a special friend of mine an author, Rebecca Raisin has taken over my blog and is going to share with you why she loves writing chick lit, why she does what she does. Rebecca is someone that is so friendly, helpful, supportive and totally fun! I don't think I've ever met an author who you instantly relax in the presence of, and can literally sit down with a cup of tea, a biscuit or two and chat! So, this is Rebecca spending time with you, hosting a little blogiversary celebration, I'm sure you will love reading it, and you should absolutely go check Rebecca out and read ALL her books - I've reviewed them on A Page of Love!

Thank you so much for asking me here today, Dawn! And a big, happy blog-birthday to you!
I’ve been writing now for about six years! It seems crazy to think it’s been that long! Like a lot of writers, I finally put pen to paper when I had my twin boys and was at home full time looking after them. Between their naps, I would snatch some writing time. I also took some creative writing classes, which really inspired me, and helped me progress when I was a total newbie!
I guess I’ve always been caught up in my own imagination, so when it came to writing short stories at first, it felt like I was finally letting that creativity out and putting it to good use!
I started writing short because I felt like otherwise I’d get lost in thousands of words, and it might’ve killed my enthusiasm. I think writing short helps as a writer long term because you learn to be economical with words, but still get a story out there that has all the elements of a long one. Like hook, conflict resolution all in a thousand words.
As the years have progressed (way, WAY too fast!) I’ve managed to write longer pieces, and now full length novels. I enjoy the process pretty much each step of the way, though I’m not a plotter, I now have to submit my story ideas to my editor, so that has helped when it comes to nailing down an idea and sticking to it.
It is easier in the long run to have a plan for most of the book, and then when you do run off into a tangent, at least you can find your way back to the main goal of the novel.
I’ve written the Gingerbread Café series, and am now adding to that with stories that will be linked. For example, the characters all live in the same small town in Ashford, Connecticut so they run into each other as you do in places like that. And thank goodness, because in my crazy mind, the girls from the Gingerbread Café are real, and I miss them!
Writing is my go-to place, and I couldn’t live without it. Even if I wasn’t published I’d still write. I get these ideas, usually at the most inconvenient times, like when I’m almost asleep, or at the doctor, and I must write them. For an addiction I guess it’s a good one to have!
Thank you for having me here today! And I hope you all have a safe a happy Christmas!

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