Review | The Gratitude Jar

Title | The Gratitude Jar 

Author | Josie Robinson 

Publisher | Wise Ink Creative Publishing 
Purchase | Amazon   
Publication Date | 11 November 2014 

Source | Review Copy 

Rating | 5/5 

The Gratitude Jar is a work that has come to light when the world deeply needs to read its message. The story itself is a heartwarming, inspirational tale of spiritual transformation and self-discovery, but it is also a guidebook with the power to instantly release the negative belief systems no longer serving you....and to direct your steps with new energy onto the path of joy and personal freedom.

Nourish your soul and restore your faith in the goodness of the world as you begin to use its simple truths within your daily life. The time is right to hear its message, and to accept the invitation that awaits inside its pages to a joyful and inspiring new life.

If things haven't been going right in your life it maybe that it's time to become more grateful. If something is missing from your life, maybe it's time to be grateful for what is already in your life. If you can never seem to have what everyone else has, maybe it's time to be grateful that you have anything at all!

I knew this book was going to be a special read for me, and I was not wrong, nor was I disappointed. I adored this book and it has taught me things I hadn't even thought of even though I regularly practice gratitude. The second that I finished reading it I passed it along to my Mum who is, like me, a believer in practicing gratitude.

The story told in these pages is simply heart warming, refreshingly honest, and comes from a place of truth. Josie had it tough, and she had no idea of a way out. There was even a time where she contemplated the idea that her family would be better off without her. Then a 'miracle' occurred when her sister gifted her a session with a psychic who introduced her to The Gratitude Jar. That was the moment her life changed. It turned around and became better than she could ever have imagined.

Every night for 30 days she practiced The Gratitude Jar with her young son, and it was beautiful to read her journey and become so inspired by her and her story. I cannot recommend this book highly enough because already in the two days it has taken me to read this book, I have begun to re-think how grateful I actually am, and why. I have even pulled my Gratitude Jar out of hiding and put it in a prominent place in my bedroom to remind me each night when I go to bed.

In my opinion there isn't anyone this book couldn't help. Thank you Josie for writing such a beautiful book, because you have inspired me to live a more grateful life, and like you I have been enduring moments in life where I feel everything is out of my control. Thank you Josie for reminding me that I can change my life and things can only get better.

I easily award this book, The Gratitude Jar, 5 out of 5 Love Hearts

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