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Review | Body Calm Meditation CD

Author | Sandy Newbigging

Publisher | Hay House UK

Audio Length | 77 Minutes

Source | Review Copy 

Purchase | Amazon 

A Page of Love Rating | 5/5 

Body Calm Meditations is a powerful way to meditate that uses the mind-body connection to help your body heal and stay healthy. Using these enjoyable guided meditations, you can clear the main mind-based causes of inner 'dis-ease' by developing key mental beliefs that enable you to engage with daily life in a much more relaxed and stress-free way. This ultimately gives your body the rest it needs to recover and the holistic harmony that is the foundation of lifelong health and happiness.

Body Calm Meditations is an audio program to help you heal your body by addressing your thought patterns you have about your life and your body. I was drawn to this CD because I am a huge fan of meditation and always find it beneficial, yet I don't practice it religiously. I kind of dip in and dip out of practicing it. So I wanted to see what this audio program offered. It does have a book that you can purchase here (I haven't read that one so I can't offer you my opinion on that yet).

Over the past few months I have been dealing with a few health concerns of my own on top of bereavement and severe stress. I've been in regular contact with my GP and she referred me for counselling and CBT to help me manage my anxieties regarding my having Peripheral Neuropathy & Sciatica. I am not used to feeling so unwell or in pain so it's came as a total shock and it's been really hard to deal with. One thing my GP actually said to me was to try meditation because she strongly believes that there is a definite line between my anxiety/panic attacks and the pain I feel in my body. My pain is largely centred around the lower left of my spine, lower left leg and left forearm. All areas concerning support, security and the ability to 'handle' things and 'carry' on with life.

So, when I first listened to the audio CD, Sandy gently talks you through his philosophy of Body Calm and the link between anxiety, pain, health and your thoughts. It made so much sense I wanted to rip the CD out the player, run to my GP and say "THIS!!! This is what patients like me NEED!" She probably would have agreed with me, but I digress - I did not damage the CD by ripping it out of the player, I also didn't burst into my GP office. But I will mention it to her for sure. :-)

So, I carried on listening and there was this one part that Sandy said "It's OK to feel emotional - That is perfectly OK" and the tears that were prickly my eyes, just burst forward and I was able to let them go. He also said that nothing needed to be done, nothing needed my attention, It was OK for me to have this time alone, to myself, with my body and the time to relax. I can't tell you how much I needed to hear that. It's funny how we feel the need to be given permission to relax and do nothing isn't it?

There is one main meditation for the full body which takes about 14 minutes, and then 10 individual 3-4 minute ones that focus on one specific area in the body, and you can either do just the one 3 minutes one or do what I try to do most of the time and let them play on following each other for that extra boost. I always find myself feeling more relaxed and calmer and in less pain when I do that - because I've given my body time out to relax and recuperate.

I instantly felt relaxed listening to Sandy's lovely accent, his voice just sedates you! I let go for the whole 77 minutes without once feeling guilty, without once feeling irritated, and without once thinking about all the things I needed to do. That doesn't mean that I wasn't having the fight with my monkey mind on occasions, but it was a lot less than usual.

I've used this CD over the period of the last 2-3 weeks and I've found myself slowly getting myself feeling better about my body, less anxious when I feel pain, more able to rationalise the pain and anxious feelings I have.

Overall, I give Body Calm Meditations 5/5 Page of Love Hearts.

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