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#HIFortnight - Book Review: Manhattan's Millionaire Cinderella by Sun Chara

Welcome back to Day 3 of Harper Impulse Fortnight. I hope that you've been visiting all the lovely blogs taking part, I know that all us bloggers are having an absolute ball! 

I apologize for yesterdays lack of posting but as wonderful as modern day technology can be, for me, yesterday it wasn't all that wonderful at all. So to make up for it, i'll be doing a DOUBLE posting today. I may have to do a few days of DOUBLE posts simply because I have SO many wonderful and amazing authors and books to share with you all! 

Today, we kick off with a Book Review. 

 Title: Manhattan Millionaire's Cinderella 

 Author: Sun Chara 

 Publisher: Harper Impulse 

 Format: Paperback & eBook 

 A Page of Love  Rating:

 "Will their wedding night be a one-night stand or a merger for keeps?

Global real estate mogul, Cade Sloan should've listened to his own advice: trust no one, and never a woman…especially not his 24 hour bride gone AWOL with his millions. Nina, mousy secretary turned sexy vixen, will repay every penny with interest…

When Cade gears up for a takeover, there's sweet hell to pay. Nina owes her husband a wedding night and he’s hell bent on collecting… his way, his time, his pleasure."


Reviewing this for Harper Impulse Fortnight, I thought i'd never get the review posted in time, however, once I started reading I simply couldn't put it down. I read it within under 24 hours and enjoyed every passionate page that I turned. 

Cade Sloan is my latest heart-throb hunk in the fictional world, and even today - 2 whole days after reading it I'm still swooning. He might not be every woman's idea of a hunk, but for me, I adored him! But saying that I have always had a thing for a tall, rich powerful man who is the right side of Grey. I for one thought Nina was a very lucky woman to be in his presence, actually, I could be slightly jealous of her! 

However, Nina is a very feisty, sarcastic - (girl after my own heart there) and determined woman. Starting out as Cade's secretary she is propositioned by Cade into marriage. The deal is, marriage for money. They marry, he gets money, and she gets a cut. However, it all turns somewhat dramatic when Nina overhears Cade on the phone after they are married. She thinks he's talking in derogatory terms about her. But I always say; "never eavesdrop a phone call - you'll never know both sides" (unless its on speakerphone which it wasn't). 

A year later after Nina skipped out on him following the phone call and Cade in all his manly glory - I swear I can imagine him in a Hercules costume - pursues Nina and demands that she be his Cinderella - in and out of the bedroom.

I had so many laugh out loud moments with Nina, and can honestly say that her wit, sarcasm and personality is very like my own. There are two scenes that stand out to me and still have me laughing as I write this - much to the amusement of my Mother. In the one scene, Nina describes how she really embraces the 'Cinderella' role she's playing by not wearing proper clothes and cutting holes in a potato sack after emptying it out and wearing that. :)

The other scene had me literally coming to the conclusion of how I would best describe this passionate, romantic and laugh out loud. Nina has the job of attending a posh do with Cade and rather than be the dolly bird on his arm that is wearing a glamourous ball gown, she goes all Pretty Woman on us. Literally looking like a hooker. read that scene and you will laugh so much! 

It was at this moment that I knew that Manhattan's Millionaire Cinderella was Pretty Woman meets James Bond!  
I really enjoyed reading this, and think that you would too which is why I am awarding Manhattan's Millionaire Cinderella by Sun Chara 4 beautiful Page of Fictional Love Hearts. 

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  1. Oh wow! What an absolutely wonderful review, Dawn! Thank you!!! so much! I'm delighted that you enjoyed Manhattan Millionaire's Cinderella; and you're take on Pretty Woman meets James Bond had me laughing! :)))