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Harper Impulse Fortnight is .... HERE!!!

Harper Impulse Fortnight is here Book Lovers!! 

Brought to us by the delightful Books With Bunny , the next two weeks will be JAM PACKED with amazing posts all over the Book Blogging Websphere - do people still say Websphere? Anyway, be sure to keep up with ALL the posts flitting around by following the hashtag #HIFortnight and @HarperImpulse on twitter! 

I'm so excited to be taking part and I have so much coming up for you that I'm praying that I get to fit it ALL in for you! I have Authors guest posting on here, I have fabulous Q&A's with two amazing authors, I also have books being reviewed AND competitions to take part in and WIN!! 

So first off, let me give you a very brief intro to Harper Impulse Fortnight - basically we book bloggers are awesome (but not as awesome as the authors and publishers) and lead by Books with Bunny, we are celebrating ALL things HARPER IMPULSE. So that means we are reviewing, interviewing, posting, letting authors take over our blogs for the day, hosting competitions and doing everything we can to show you book lovers just how wonderful and utterly amazing the authors are at Harper Impulse. 

Now, let me try my best to let you in on what's going on here at A Page of Fictional Love. I say try, because I still have dates to confirm, but basically the schedule looks a little like this; (although it is prone to change at a moments notice so keep checking back - hit the refresh button if you leave the page open on your browser) 

Monday 27th April - You're reading it, it's my launch post into the fortnight 

Tuesday 28th April - BOOK SPOTLIGHT - I'll highlight a Harper Impulse Book & Author

Wednesday 29th April - Not Confirmed Yet 

Thursday 30th April - BOOK REVIEW - I'll be reviewing a Harper Impulse Book 

Friday 1st May - AUTHOR Q&A 


Sunday 3rd May - Harper Impulse Week 1 Round Up - I'll be sharing with you the Highs of the weeks and re-post some of my favourite blogs of the week & share links from other bloggers 

Monday 4th May - BOOK SPOTLIGHT - Again, i'll be highlighting a Harper Impulse Book & Author

Tuesday 5th May - GUEST POST - An Author will take over A Page of Fictional Love for the day

Wednesday 6th May - AUTHOR Q&A 

Thursday 7th May - Not Yet Confirmed 

Friday 8th May - BOOK SPOTLIGHT 

Saturday 9th May - BOOK REVIEW 


So, that's what's looking likely to happen right now, but as I said it can ALL change! 

I shall bid you adios for now, as I know you have SO many blogs to go visit - remember to follow the HashTag #HIFortnight 

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