COVER REVEAL : The Island Escape by Kerry Fisher

I am touched that I am one of a few bloggers who has been asked to take part in announcing the reveal of one of my ultimate favourite author's, Kerry Fisher, new book cover reveal!! 

So, you should be able to read this at 12 Noon on the 6th of March 2015 where social media will be swimming with news of The Island Escape

I absolutely adored Kerry's debut novel; The School Gate Survival Guide, and have been awaiting news of her next book. I've been in almost constant contact with Kerry and she is STILL the most lovely and warm lady that she was when her book first hit the shelves, so that can only mean one thing... that she is the most genuine person I've met in a long time! 

Anyway, The Island Escape is out 21st May in both Paperback (I love the scent of a new book!) and eBook (perfect to pop on your kindle and take on holiday with you!). 

I don't know about you, but I already want to escape to the lovely location shown there on the cover! 

It looks delightful and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the book! The wonderful publishers (Avon Books) are still gathering details and dates for the blog tour and i'll be sure to let you know the second I know any details about that! 

So, what's The Island Escape all about? 

It’s about two friends, Roberta and Octavia. They’ve been bosom buddies since the year dot, going through all the ups and downs of life together. So when Roberta’s marriage falls apart, Octavia is there to support her through the tough times. What Octavia doesn’t expect is the effect this has on her own marriage…

Suddenly, she’s wondering if her life could have been different. She finds herself thinking back to the time she spent on the island of Corsica…and the time she spent in the arms of a man she never quite got over. Should she be happy with her lot – safe and boring as it is? Or is it time for her to go back to the island and face the ghosts of her past?

Filled with love, heartbreak and tears of sadness and joy, this is the only book you’ll want to read by the pool this summer. 

You can PRE-ORDER this by heading over to Amazon  
and choosing between the paperback or the eBook version. 

So all this leaves me to say is, or rather, ask is; 

What if there was somewhere you could disappear to? 
Where would you go? 

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