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Review | Don't Stop Me Now - Colleen Coleman

A hilarious feel good read about finding your feet when life pulls the rug out from under you.

Poppy Bloom planned to finish her PhD and walk straight into a job at her university. But here she is, unemployed, unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend, and living back at her mum’s in her vampire-themed childhood bedroom.

Not exactly what she was hoping for.

But when Poppy sets her mind to something, nothing can stand in her way. She scores herself an internship at the hottest radio station in town, joins a netball team, and renews her friendship with her oldest friend Leanne. Spending time with Leanne’s gorgeous twin Tom is just a bonus…

But life has a way of tripping you up when you least expect it, and Poppy soon has to decide where her priorities lie… With new friends, a new career and a new romance, can Poppy keep everyone happy, or is everything about to tumble down around her? 

A laugh-out-loud story about friendship, second chances, and new love, perfect for fans of Lindsey Kelk, Marian Keyes and Jane Costello.

You cannot read this title without hearing the song in your head! I dare you to try!

I laughed out loud so much that I cried reading this book, but not because I was laughing at the main character, Poppy, but rather laughing with her. I felt that I could have written this book, and I just have to thank Colleen for FINALLY writing an honest book about what really goes on with graduates and people who all their life have done the 'right thing', played by the rules, right from Nursery (or Reception class in Poppy's case) and still get sh%t on! Thank you! 

The plot is unique - in regards to anything I've ever read before, describing it as the perfect book for Lindsey Kelk fans is perfect, and I'd go as far as saying any Sophie Kinsella fans - particularly the Shopaholic series would LOVE this book if it's the humour, comedy and relatable characters that float your boat. 

We meet Poppy who is getting her PhD and finally becoming Doctor Poppy. She thinks the skies the limit for her now, that she'll even be given a fellowship. But life - the crafty cunning swine has other plans for Poppy. At first I wondered if anything was going to go right - it was like all her bad luck came at once. The fellowship, the boyfriend and the best friend! And I know what that feels like! 

But despite Poppy's bad luck, we get to go on a journey with her that sees her playing netball (after basically getting dragged out of bed by her team mates), take a shine to a blast from her past, grieve for someone close to her, and become quite the talent when it comes to radio... 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and really can't wait to see what comes next from Colleen - she's an author to watch & anticipate what follows. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this book. I genuinely really enjoyed it.

Thanks to Bookouture for the advanced press copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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