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Today I have a gorgeous book for you, one that I have been looking forward to, and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed! One of my favourite authors ever as many of you know I do have a few, but one of them is Debbie Macomber, writer of the famous Cedar Cove TV series which is based on her books. Every year I look forward to Debbie's christmas novels because for me they always manage to capture the true meaning of christmas. This year's title is definitely one of my absolute favourite books ever. 

Title | Twelve Days of Christmas

Author | Debbie Macomber

Publisher | Arrow

Source | Review Copy

My Rating | 5/5 


Julia is infuriated by her grumpy neighbour, Cain, who can’t even be pleasant when they bump into each other.

So on the suggestion of her best friend, Cammie, Julia concocts a plan. She starts a blog in order to clinch her perfect job, and now she has a subject. Over the next twelve days, she is going to kill Cain with kindness – and Christmas cheer – and document it for all to read about.

But as the experiment goes on, Julia realises she underestimated the effect it would have on Cain, and on their relationship, and things take an unexpected turn…

What Dawn-Tracy Thinks...

I admit that I got just a little excited when I began reading this book as both my Mum and my Partner will vouch for. When I think of this story I immediately smile and have such fond memories. Even though my Partner doesn't have time to read much I like to think that he read this book through my telling him what was happening in the storyline - which he found really amusing. Funnily enough, I heard my Mum laughing out loud during certain moments in the book, so when I read it, I was adamant that I didn't want her to tell me anything about the book to spoil it for me. But I kept updating her as to where I was in the book.

To say that this book is a book that I adore, and that the storyline cheered me up is an understatement. I don't want to spoil it for you so i'll just give you a little brief on what it's about.

Julia lives across the hall from Cain, and as much as she tries to be neighbourly and polite when she sees him, he is simply grouchy with her and earns himself the name of Ebenezer. He actually infuriated Julia so much that she told her friend Cammie on the phone all about him. Cammie, like all best friends always know what to do, so Julia was shocked when Cammie suggested that Julia kill him ... with kindness!

As Julia was in competition with another prospective employee for her dream job in social media, she was set the task of writing a blog - (You can see why I got excited now can't you?) and the person with the highest readership would get the job. Julia had no idea what to write about on her blog so when Cammie suggested killing Cain with kindness in the run up to Christmas, Julia decided to try just that - and document it all on her blog.

I will admit that as Julia's readership rose, and the thousands of readers, pages of comments and such were mentioned - I was so envious of her :-) I think any blogger would be! But I was also rooting for her and proud of her. Keeping a blog can be tough! 

As the challenge went on, there were many twists and turns, misunderstandings, and hilarious tongue in cheek moments. The one thing that stood out to me was the way that kindness was the central theme, and just how kindness can change people. It's something we could all do more of, to make this world a better place. 

I highly recommend Twelve Days of Christmas, if you love traditional christmases, and traditional stories, this is definitely one not to be missed. 

Thank you Debbie for writing another much treasured book in our home, we loved it! 

Merry Christmas Debbie from our homes to yours, 
With Love, 
Dawn-Tracy & Family xxx 

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