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Books | The Killer Inside

Title | The Killer Inside

Author | Kerry Wilkinson 

Publisher | Bookouture 

Source | Review Copy 

Rating | 4/5

You can lock the doors but the killer is already inside.
A gripping serial killer thriller for fans of Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott and Robert Bryndza.
When the body of a woman is found in a locked house, Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is called in to investigate a seemingly impossible murder.
Faced with little in the way of leads and a journalist who seems to know more than she does, Jessica is under intense pressure to solve the case fast.
When a second body is discovered bearing the same hallmarks of the first victim, the investigation suddenly escalates. Jessica is on the hunt for a serial killer who will strike again. Can she get to him before the body count rises? And is she prepared to put her own life in terrible danger to catch the murderer?
An intense and compelling edge-of-your-seat thriller full of twists and turns. Discover Kerry Wilkinson’s crime series today.

So technically I am a UK blogger but I have a huge US following, in fact the UK audience is second with the US taking the top spot on my readership here at A Page of Fictional Love - Thank you US readers! So, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read and review The Killer Inside for US readers.

It has been a long time since I last read a crime thriller and I had been feeling the urge for quite some time to grab one and devour, so when I spotted Kerry Wilkinson's The Killer Inside I grabbed it with both hands and immersed myself immediately.

I was so excited about this book and I told myself that having read a few crime thrillers published by Bookouture I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. I was about 30% into the book and I had my own theory of the "Who, When and How" but had no idea Why. I was actually rather pleased with myself when I was onto a lead that Detective Jessica Daniel wasn't. But I'm getting ahead of myself here. Let's go back to the start. 

Detective Jessica Daniel is one of my favourite Detectives ... ever. She is smart, sassy and sarcastic. She thinks, says and does what most would be scared to, and in her line of work, thinking outside the box and taking risks can pay off. She's called to take on the case of a murder where the killer has actually locked the door after them yet ALL keys are accounted for <ahem>. So, how is the killer killing people when the doors and windows are locked, everyone has alibi's - don't they? It's a conundrum for the investigators and seems almost impossible. Aside from that fact, how are they linked if at all? And more importantly, who's next? Don't they say that in most murders that it's someone that the victim knows?  

But just who is the one that KNOWS the killer, and do they really 'know' who they are?

The characters are brilliantly portrayed, in a relaxed honest and raw manner. There are no hidden shadows here - OK there may be one or two. But I think the dynamics and dialogue between the characters is incredible, and I was kept continuously on the edge of my seat.

Arghhh it's incredibly frustrating because I want to spill the details but I can't!!!! It wouldn't be fair, so all I'll say is....this is one of those books where when you get to the end you'll be kicking yourself for not having seen it sooner... or you might be like me and have seen it or had an idea of who might be behind the murders. 

Kerry has promised that Jessica Daniel WILL beat me to it in the next one - Vigilante... 
Moi? I take the challenge and I'll see you at the time of the arrest Jessica! 

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