10 Reasons I Became A BookBlogger

I thought that it would be rather nice and fun to do a quick bookish lifestyle post where I share 10 reasons why I became a BookBlogger, especially as we go through the next few weeks I'll be posting plenty of promos for book tours and first looks at books coming soon! 

1. I Love To Read - Yep, it really does all come down to the fact that I love to read books, always have and I think and hope that I always will. I'm very open to the genre I read, and will give anything a try. 

2. The Wide Range of Books - There are so many genres out there that it would be a crying shame to limit my reading taste-buds to just one or two genres. So, I like to try new genres and share my thoughts with you all. 

3. Sharing My Thoughts - I think if we could have more intellectual conversations about the world in which we live today, we would be a far better bunch of humans. One way of doing this is by reading books by talented authors who address the issues in the world, and then sharing our thoughts on them. 

4. I Love Writing - Actually, I think I became a bookblogger because it gave me the opportunity to write more and think about what I was writing. It's also a skill needed for University - where we read texts and then have to gleam the intricate details and write our own interpretation of our understanding, so it's a bit of practice really.

5. Get Out Of My Comfort Zone - Books have this amazing capability to "Pied Piper" you out of your comfort zone. If you are stuck in a rut, you can guarantee that kicking back and reading a book you will emerge more energised, more creative, happier, less stressed, and a tad inspired to DO something with your life. I've been thrust out of my comfort zones many times through the reading of Crime, Psychological Thrillers, and even Spiritual/Self Help titles.

6. Learn Something New - This kind of ties in with number 5 in that some titles that I have been blessed to receive from publishers have taught me things that had I not read the book I wouldn't have known, probably ever. For example, I used to think meditating and "talking to your loved ones in heaven" was a bit "Woo-Woo". But in fact, it's a very healing tool to use especially when coping bereavement (My Bereavement Counsellor just this week suggested I talk to my Auntie as if she were still here), and stress. 

7. Cracks Me Open - Books crack me open in ways other methods have never. I have become a more "sexually embracing" woman through reading erotica (no, NOT Fifty Shades) - although I must admit, my OH really "does" help there!, I have thought about my life and the many roads it could have taken (thanks to "Written In The Stars"), I have cried my heart out reading "The Happily Ever Afterlife Of Rosie Potter & Light is The New Black (totally different genres), and I have laughed until I couldn't breathe reading... Oh wow - so many books have given me the giggles that I simply couldn't pick just one as an example.

8. Advanced Proof Copies - I wouldn't be an honest blogger if I didn't admit that yes there is a certain level of excitement and thrill at receiving an advanced proof copy of a book YET to hit the shelves. I wouldn't be human if I didn't get excited when I receive a book that is not due to hit the shelves for another 4 weeks - 3 months! 

9. Authors - Being a BookBlogger allows me to support authors whom I admire and adore. I get to take part in Blog Tours, Guest Posts, First Looks, Interview Authors, and just generally become a part time PR Book Lady! I get to rave about books and authors and most importantly I get to have the most amazing conversations with authors such as Kerry Fisher, Holly Martin, Kerry Wilkinson, Angie Marsons, and SO SO SO many more! 

10. Finally, New Friends - I have met so many amazing fellow bookbloggers and now count them as friends. We have Becca from Becca's Books, and my Soul Sister from Macedonia - Dr Ananda aka This Chick Reads. We don't all have the same bookish interests, but we do share a love for books. 

There we have 10 fun facts and reasons why I became a bookblogger. But before I leave you, I want to share with you an extra fun fact - the original intention behind A Page of Fictional Love.

When I first opened up this little blog I did so NOT with the intention of it becoming a running machine for blogging about books YET to hit the shelves. I actually began it to reintroduce books that have already been on the shelves for years, books that many may not know exist, books that may have been forgotten about due to the wonderful arrival of new shiny books. I wanted to share my thoughts of books published in 2009, 1999, 1989 and even further back. Titles such as; Little Women, A Whiff of Scandal, Navy Wives, etc.

This is something that I very much want to return to over time whilst picking selected upcoming titles to feature. I am however so blown away and humbled by the success of this little blog and all the wonderful memories and opportunities it has given me.

SO ... Are you a bookblogger? What is 1 reason that you became a bookblogger? Maybe you don't have a blog, but love to read, maybe you post your reviews on Amazon or GoodReads... Why do you love to read? I'd love to read your comments! 

With Love,

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