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Hello Gorgeous Ones!

I love my blog so much, it's a huge part of me and my life. It's grown with me and I've grown through it, but it's been lacking a little "something" lately, so I've been coming up with brand new post ideas for you in between reading some amazing books.

So a new feature I'm bringing to you as and when appropriate is the "What Am I Reading Right Now?" feature because I know so many people who are nosey so and so's when it comes to what I'm reading, what I think of the book, and what have I just bought! LOL It's fine, seriously it's like water off a duck's back and I couldn't think of a more appropriate place to share my BOOKISH love with you than here on A Page of Fictional Love. Plus I'd rather have my nose stuck in a book than in someone else's business!

Before I dive in (get it.. duck... dive...oh well haha) and share with you what I'm currently reading I just wanted to say how in the past 2 weeks my blog has reverted back to it's original name; A Page of Fictional Love, and has a brand spanking new banner to boot! As you can see it now features YA fiction, because I am just SO in LOVE with Young Adult Fiction right now. Seriously, I've devoured SO many YA books it's unreal! Reviews will follow in due course.

Right *rubs hands together* it's time for me to share my book reading pile with you. Yep. it's time for the goodies!

First up is this amazing book I'm reading that was actually recommended by Reese Witherspoon - she has a whole book club going that you can search for on Instagram #RWBookClub.

Luckiest Girl Alive is not something i'd usually pick off the shelf but when the lady who made Legally Blonde so flippin' amazing (and actually helped me get through my first 2 years training as an accountant - Thank You Reese!) you just have to sit up and listen right?

So it's basically about a woman who is planning her wedding to the rich guy, she has the emerald on her fingers, she has the amazing job in the City, the house, the bank account ... and the past to match! But that's where this book comes into it's own, as it showcases her past that has made her who she is today. She wasn't always the ideal rich girl, far from it, she was the girl at high school that desperately wanting to fit in at any cost and indeed it did cost her in the most horrendous way possible. We get to follow her journey as she reminisces and shares her story with us. There are points in the book that I laugh because her bitchy sarcasm is unreal - we all know that bitchy cow with the snide comments and the sneaky undertones whilst she smiles at you as if she respects you and actually likes you. Well Ani (pronounced Ahhh-Neee) as she's now calling herself is that snidey cow, and I can see why some people reading would love her, or hate her. I guess we either know someone LIKE her or we know that we can be HER at times. (lucky for me I can say I know someone like her in terms of her bitchy personality).

However I adore the gentler more innocent side to her, the real Ani, the one that just wants someone to like her, and support her, believe in her and root for her because so many people didn't have that growing up, sometimes their parents were interested in other things or siblings, like Ani's mother was more interested in her getting her connections rather than a life! There are times during reading that I just want to give her a hug (Ani - not the people I know like Ani) and let her know that she doesn't have to be so tough all the time. She can be gentle and not get hurt. So without spoiling it, if this sounds like something you might be in to, head over to amazon using the link below to get yourself a copy!

Next up on my Currently Reading List (which btw bears no resemblance to my GoodReads account - naughty I know!) is one that belongs to a series of books.

I am HOOKED on The Selection Series, and I've become quite addicted to reading them. I simply can't get enough. The Heir is the follow on from the first 3 that detailed the selection process of Prince Maxon as her FINALLY chose America Singer to be his wife out of 30+ girls. It's a dystopian book, a young adult book, and it's flippin' addictive! I urge you to give them a try! Even my Mum has been giving the pages a turn so they have to be good.

This book fast forwards quite a few years into the future following Maxon and America's wedding, and now it's time for their daughter to make her selection! So exciting!

And lastly, but no means least, I also have my nose stuck in Tell Me Lies (Which does actually happen to be on my GoodReads account - see I can be Good!) Tell Me Lies features a whole host of characters that slice into you in the most captivating way ever! I loved the scene where DC Atherton (I swear I read this every time as DC Arse-er-ton - I know, I'm SO bad!) gets mentioned by the other detectives and they comment about how he always seems to be there like a nodding dog, and please excuse my language but i'm only using what they say in the book - that Atherton (again - I can't spell, speak, read that name without reading the above) is always around the Chief Superintendent ready to lick his Ar** lala. It makes me giggle all the time! From that point I was in love with the book! Again we all know someone who can be like that!

Anyway, there's been a murder (anyone hearing Taggart here? No .. Just me??) and the rich girl is in the firing line because he was her boyfriend/ex boyfriend and she was standing over him drenched in his blood ( OK... this is serious - I'm having Legally Blonde Flashbacks to when Elle Woods is in court talking about "the shower" and the daughter being questioned mentioned seeing the accused "Drenched in his blood") OK Back on Track People!

So it's a case of who dunnit (no there is no Eastenders Duff Duff here... well not unless you put it there... it might be good) and it brings up so many twists and turns, connections with other Detectives and their families/pasts, and it really is just so gripping! If crime/mystery/thriller/suspense is your thing, this book HAS to be a book to read!

So there you have it, 3 books i'm currently reading, which may change by tonight because books shift sooo quickly in my house! One book for each genre really apart from the sweet chick lit/romance (sorry!) I promise I'll try and do one of those in the next update.

If you LIKED this post, give it share, leave a comment below with what you're reading and of course stop by my social media hangouts and connect with me.


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