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I am absolutely grinning with excitement here as I sit to write all about the latest book I've read. It's the third book by the lovely Rebecca Pugh who I know as Becca. When I first began blogging on A Page of Fictional Love and joined Twitter, Becca was one of the first book bloggers to become my friend and shared her enthusiasm for books with me. I always read her reviews on This is Beccas Books with such awe and anticipation as her way with words is intricately beautiful. No wonder she is now working on her fourth book and I'm here to tell you about her latest publication Down on Daffodil Lane.

Title | Down on Daffodil Lane
Author | Rebecca Pugh
Publisher | Carina UK 

Source | Purchase 
Rating | 5/5 

Maria Charm’s world might have recently crumbled, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to let it get her down.
Sure, her ex-husband broke her heart and decimated her trust, and while it would be so tempting to spend forever in her dressing gown, a tub of ice-cream in one hand and a glass of Chardonnay in the other, Maria wants more from her new—single—life!
A make over of her lovely little cottage on Daffodil Lane and a new job at Harriet’s cafĂ© are just the distractions Maria needs to carve a new life in the country. One distraction she doesn’t need is Mr Tall, Brooding and Handsome from down the lane! 'Maria may only be in town temporarily, but there's nothing temporary about the tingles she feels at gorgeous Brad's touch…
After everything she’s been through, can Maria ever trust a man again? Could risking her heart with Brad lead to a charmed life on Daffodil Lane?

I couldn't wait to read this book by Becca so as soon as it was released I hit buy and it downloaded instantly to my Kindle. I recall that I was in the middle of gardening and I simply sat for "five minutes" to have a break and there I was an hour later, eagerly flipping the pages on my kindle. The reason being is that with each book that Becca has written, her skill of writing has gotten better and better and each sentence was woven intricately like delicate lace, and like the lace I was hooked. 

I actually shed a tear when I began reading Maria Charm's story because I could so deeply identify with her and how much she needed to get away from things. This past year for me whilst has been beautiful, it has certainly had it's moments of enduring pain and sadness. Whilst my personal need to get away was far different to Maria's I found myself nodding along with her wanting to say, "I know exactly how you feel". Maria is a highly lovable character, I would love to have a friend like her! In fact I would love to live on Daffodil Lane near all the characters. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the home decor elements to the story as I am a true home decor addict! I just love talking paint swatches, fabric, rearrangements of furniture, accessories and making a house a home. So thank you Becca for adding that into the story, it was a very welcome element. 

Let me brief you on the storyline without any spoilers - I hope! 

Maria needs to get away from her lying cheating rat of an ex husband. Clearly he's not bothered, but she is. Their marriage meant something to her. Their vows meant something to her. So she is utterly heartbroken when she finds out what he's been upto. 

Her mum's friend Geraldine has a cottage on Daffodil Lane that needs a little TLC - just like us all really - and offers Maria the use of the cottage to get away and get a little perspective on things in return for Maria doing the cottage up a bit. I admit I was so jealous at this point. A cottage, A Village, Decorating Potential... what is NOT to love about this  life? I mean story... story not life! *day dreams of cottages and villages and decorating*. 

So Rob (Maria's brother) takes her out of the cottage to the local village tea-shop *Squeals with delight*, I do love a good tea shop, and tries to get her to come out of her shell. It's a tough one, but the tea shop owner Harriet is lovely and welcomes Maria to the village. Harriet needs a little help in the cafe, and Maria needs a fresh start, something else to do apart from decorating, something to build up her confidence. 

In other village news there's a hunk called Brad and then there's Harvey and the hairdresser Millie who has the most adorable little girl Susie and soon there are more sparks flying than a firework display! But Maria does NOT want another man. How can she ever trust a man again? Does she? Doesn't she? 

Well you'll have to read yourself to find out because I fear spilling all the beautiful details if I carry on. The characters are just so lovely, so believable that even I wanted to climb into the pages and live there myself. Seriously I'm sure I could find a cottage on Daffodil Lane, and I could immerse myself in village life. I really could. I promise. :-) 

I can't just leave you hanging there, so I'll tell you this; in addition to what I've already told you about the delicious plot of this sunny story, there is coin flipping, ankle-breaking, a tearjerking wedding, a pregnancy and that awful "bump into your ex" moment. See??? This is exactly why you MUST read this. If you read one book this summer, PLEASE read Down on Daffodil Lane, and then come and talk to me about it. :-) 

Congratulations Becca on another wonderful story that will touch hearts worldwide. 

A beautiful story full of hope, love and the dream of starting again, 
Down on Daffodil Lane must get 5/5 

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