My Little Darling, I Miss You xxxxx

 I'm sorry I've not been around. I don't actually feel 'ready' to post this, posting this makes it 'real', but I know I have to.
On Saturday 28th November at 8:16am, our beautiful, absolutely perfect and treasured princess and baby girl Pepsie, passed away. cry emoticon
She was 16 years old, and the absolute most perfect baby girl ever. Mum was with her holding her paw, stroking her beautiful face, and talking to her. It was peaceful and painless for her which we are glad about. Magick was able to see her a few moments before she went with the angels, which I'm glad about because she took on the 'mother' role with him, now I have to seriously step up and be there for him which I will, and I am. It's just hard to comfort him and let him know everything is OK when it feels far from OK.

She had become a poorly girl, and was fighting right up until the end. She came into our lives January 2000 when I was 11 years old, and she has been there through everything with me and mum. Always there with a 'Ah Ah' as she spoke to us, and her purring to comfort us, she'd climb up on in bed, massage us, kiss us goodnight before climbing down off us and going to sleep, she'd look at the birds and chatter to them, never hurting them once, she was my morning wake up call, jumping on my bed and shouting "AHHHHHHH" right into my ear and kicking me out of bed lol, and she was always there to be picked up and given a cuddle to let her know we loved her. She was always looking after Magick and he looking after her as she got older.

To say that we utterly miss her is an absolute understatement.
We are heartbroken, and grieving. cry emoticon
To some, she was a cat, but to us, she was our baby girl, our Princess Pepsie, Our Pepsie Poppet, our family, and whilst we have lost that beautiful girl, the angels have gained a true diamond of an angel. I know my Dad will be with her, looking after her and that she'll always be with us, but you know it's not the same.
All I can hope is that she knows that we love her with every inch of our hearts, she will NEVER be forgotten, and we will continue to love her every second of every day.
We love you baby girl, and we always will, sleep well darling, and don't shout at the angels too much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

** I plan on doing another blog post on our beautiful little girl where i'll share my memories of her and more pictures of the sweet little angel, so this won't be the last time I talk about her on my blog ** 


  1. I am so sorry. It is a time that we all dread. So many of my furbabies have left over the years - and the most recent, Medina the Lurcher angel, left us only 7 weeks ago. My heart has broken many times, but I keep strong for the ones that are still with us. Ali x

  2. Hi Ali, Oh Hun, I am so sorry for your loss, It's heart breaking isn't it? It's true that we have to stay strong for those that we have, Magick is certainly missing her, and it breaks my heart seeing him when he remembers that she's not here and he tries to find her.

    thank you so much for stopping by, and seeing my little princess, it keeps me going knowing that people are still finding out about her and she's not forgotten xxx