10 Daily Affirmations I Use for My Anxiety

Hi all, 

I've been thinking recently about my blog - OK I think about my blog ALL the time, but lately I wanted to shift things up a bit, I wanted to blog more about life but didn't know where to start. Life got in the way. When life got in my way it meant that 2 weeks ago today we lost our beautiful baby girl Pepsie (read about my love for her here), and it brought news of my Auntie being firstly diagnosed with bladder cancer on September 11th, and then just this past week we found out that the specialists and doctors have told her that "there is nothing more we can do" - so I have this information in my head that my auntie is dying - and I have no emotion. Which is strange because I LOVE her SOOOOO much, but the shock of it all just hasn't allowed me to process that information at all yet. 

Add to this horrible news, I have been - I still am anxious about my own health. My doctor thinks it's natural for me to be feeling so anxious right now about my own health and she is supporting me so much. Anyway, I've been crying and panicking and crying even more and then I realised that I HAVE to stop. I have to change the mental conversation that's going on in my head. I have to try.

So I turned back to my self help roots where I first began blogging. it was back in 2009... on a different blog, and it was a different time in my life. We don't really need to go into that. But, I became a HUGE fan of a lady called Louise Hay (founder of Hay House Publications), and over the years I began reviewing books written by her, and by many other brilliant authors. Then I switched over to Chick Lit, Womens Fiction, Romance and even Mystery, Thrillers and Crime - genres I NEVER thought I'd be interested in (Thank you Angela Marsons <3 ). Louise Hay is the leading Affirmation Queen in my eyes, she lives and breathes her work. She is beautiful, and she is strong, and she has helped millions around the world with her positive energy. So I found out my books by her, one in particular; You Can Heal Your Life. 

Louise Hay, Motivational Author and Publisher:
Louise Hay

But I haven't been able to pick up a book lately... I haven't been able to escape from my problems, so I searched my brains (as traumatised as they are), and I thought about affirmations. Positive statements. Sayings that will help me think and feel more positive. So I began doing them when I woke up and throughout my day. If I'm honest, I was almost chanting them non-stop I felt so desperate to feel happy and healthy again. 

I wanted to share with you 10 affirmations that I've been using to help me with my anxiety and self esteem. I'm not 'cured' by any means, but I have been able to smile more, to feel hopeful for my future, to think about next year, to think about all the good I have in my life, and to .... well I guess really I already said it. I feel hopeful.

I hope you enjoy them, use them, or can share them with someone who may need them. All is well in our world. 

1. I am Healthy, I am Whole, I am Healed

2. All is well in my world. 

3. I am Safe. I am Safe. Everything is OK, I am Safe.

4. I have a strong and healthy body that supports me every day in every way. 

5. I am Calm, Centred and In Control. 

6. I am Loved. I Love Life and Life Loves Me.

7. I am Strong and Supported by Life. 

8. Life is always working out for me in the best possible way. 

9. Wellness and good health is my bodies natural state. 

10. I am Grateful for my Healthy Body. I am Safe and Strong. 

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