The Stolen Weekend by Fern Britton

Title: The Stolen Weekend 
Author: Fern Britton

Publisher: Harper

Publication Date: 5th June 2014

Pages: 80 (eBook)

Source: Purchased

Rating: 5/5 

ISBN - 13: 978-0007595365

Purchase: Amazon

A sparklingly brilliant short story from the wonderfully warm and wise Fern Britton – the Nation’s favourite TV presenter.
Fern Britton weaves a warm and witty short story set in Cornwall, full of mischief and fun!
Best friends Penny Leighton and Helen Merrifield have swapped their hectic London lives for the leisurely pace of life in the pretty Cornish village of Pendruggan.

Penny is in constant demand and juggling her life as a vicar’s wife alongside her day job as a hotshot TV producer is exhausting.

Helen is at the end of her tether. Cornwall has been battered by the worst storms in living memory and the roof of her little cottage is in a terrible state. Her other half, the brooding Piran, isn’t being much help.

The two women cook up a scheme to leave their Pendruggan men behind and get back to London for a weekend of blissful indulgence. But you know what they say about the best laid plans… Will Penny and Helen’s stolen weekend be everything they’ve dreamed of, or something else entirely?

Before reading The Stolen Weekend I'm ashamed to admit that I had never before read anything by Fern Britton, but had always seen her books in the supermarkets and huge book stores in town, wondering what they were like. Well, I can tell you now... from simply reading this 80 page eBook you must go out and buy all of her books because they are quite simply extraordinary.

Instantly, I liked - loved the characters, I felt that I was peeping into their lives, getting to know them on a personal level as a new friend would, and the story line was believable, enjoyable, and unforgettable. What I enjoyed the most about The Stolen Weekend, was that right at the end, we are told that we can continue our journey with the characters in another of Fern's paperbacks!!

The story is set in Cornwall, a beautiful part of England that I have fortunately had the pleasure of holidaying in, so picking up this little gem was like a method of instant transport back to my favourite UK holiday location. Upon finishing this book I visited amazon and purchased a couple more of Fern's books which I am thoroughly looking forward to devouring... but first I have one to read from Fern's publishers who were so kind to send me her latest novel in hardback (Thank You!!).

Whilst I won't go too much into the story line given its only a very short read, what I will say is that it shows the strength in a good relationship, a good marriage with Penny being able to take off for the weekend and leave her husband in a pickle, and for him to only love and support her in this. It showed that sometimes, couples don't have to be in each others pockets 24/7 in order to help each other, support each other, and give each other exactly what the other one needs in order to grow. They say that writers write what they take what you will from this with Fern Britton having written a truly remarkable and beautiful short story for us all to enjoy.

Without a doubt, I must give The Stolen Weekend by Fern Britton;

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