E-Book Review: Finding Mr Rochester by Tricia Ashley

 Published by: Avon Books UK
   RRP/Availability: £0.99 on the Kindle
Rating: 3/5
In this fabulous ebook short story Trisha Ashley will whisk you away for a romantic treat on the Yorkshire moors.

Plus the first chance to get your hands on some exclusive Trisha Ashley recipes.

Budding author and die-hard Bronte fan Eleri Groves decides to escape from her disastrous love life to a remote farm cottage in Yorkshire.

Living in the land of the Brontes has got to be better than her life at home and she hopes that she’ll find some inspiration for her next book.

But what she doesn’t expect is to find her own Mr Rochester and much more than she bargained for …


This is actually my first reading of Tricia Ashley's work and happily it hasn't put me off her work, because I know that the only reason I scored it as a 3 instead of a 5 is because it is so short, had Tricia been able to lengthen the plot out, it would have made some truly magical reading for anyone who has a soft spot for Mr Rochester.

A real treat of a short e-story from Tricia, and I can't wait to read some more of her work of a more lengthier

I love how the story began with the character being a writer who'd come across some old journals that linked back to the time that the Bronte's were alive and writing. The writer; Eleri Groves takes her dog Missy to the Yorkshire hideout for some peace, tranquillity and the seclusion to write her book. However along with the blocks that every writer experiences, Eleri faces some blocks not of her own. The hideout where she's staying belongs to two family members whom have encountered a division of assets from their departed relative which leaves them fighting over land and egos.

At the end of the story, Tricia includes a handful of recipes which are in fitting with the story, which is a real nice touch.

What Eleri didn't count on was meeting a direct descendant of THE Mr Rochester who looks just like him, and slowly but surely LOVE prevails and softens his heart.

So whilst Eleri bargained on gaining some valuable writing time, she didn't factor in falling in love with Mr Rochester.... but as in life, in love anything is possible.

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