Review : Mr Miracle by Debbie Macomber

Mr Miracle by Debbie Macomber

Published by Ballantine, Random House

RRP: Paperback - $18.00 / £5.99
E-book $9.99 /  £2.99

On Sale Dates:
October 7th 2014 (USA) / November 20th 2014 (UK)

Rating: 8/10 (just because it's a short story!)

To say that I was a little excited when I discovered Debbie Macomber had written another Christmas themed novel is an understatement. Both my Mum and I are huge Debbie Macomber fans of both her books and the hit TV series Cedar Cove, so the opportunity to read Mr Miracle was a thrilling one, even if it is in August.

Mr Miracle is a short story of romance, life changes, humour and good old Christmas spirit. The prologue gripped me and before the day had ended I had read the entire book (it rarely happens but when it does... it means that the book is brilliant!). There were moments throughout where I got strange looks from my Mum & strangers in the coffee shop as I read and laughed out loud at the beautifully manuscripted heart warming funny moments.

The book begins by introducing Harry Mills - an angel sent from Heaven at the festive period for a trial period on earth where he must help  to look after his new charges including one particular student in his Classic Literature class he's teaching, Addie who is back home after six years of trying to make her mark in the world and seemingly got nowhere. It's Harry's job to oversee Addie's progress and growth as a human as she learns to let go of the past and find love where she would never thought of looking...again.

This is Harry's first mission on earth and he is eager to make a good impression to Celeste and God so that he can remain on Earth for future projects. Harry has to learn how to control the emotions of a human being along with guiding not only Addie but the other students in his class such as Danny (out on parole), and Andrew (ex-soldier).

Addie on the other hand is home to spend her first Christmas with her Mum after her father passed away during the summer. However Addie's mum has other ideas with regards to Christmas and it doesn't involve a tree! Addie comes face to face with her childhood crush and circumstances that pave the way for a miracle lead them to face up to their childhood emotions, grow up and chose whether happiness is the path ahead for them.

A beautiful read, one that I would read again... and again in the run up to the festive period. I'm also thrilled that Hallmark have teamed up with Debbie to make this magical seasonal story into a film. My sources have it that filming has been taking place through out July and August... I can't wait!

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