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A Page of Love has been a dream of mine for a long time, ever since I was drawn into the world of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City who spent many an episode sat at her laptop writing about her passion - sex! Well A Page of Love is where I will be writing about my passion - Books!

From as far back as I can recall I've always had my head in a good book, devouring my school library far quicker than they were able to add more interesting titles, so much so that every weekend Mum and I would hit the City Centre in Birmingham and head to Dillions (it's now called Waterstones - my knowing this is something that my Mr says 'shows my age' - Piffle). I would spend at least an hour in there choosing books that I wanted to take home with me. I'm grateful that my Mum and Dad supported my love of reading, and actively encouraged it. It's definitely something that has stuck with me through thick and thin - and I'm not just talking about the depth of the books ;)

In my more recent years, my early twenties (I'm mid-twenties now), I took a Creative Writing course with the Open University which is counting towards my degree, and I learnt so much about the art of creative writing. Many of those gems I've picked up along the way I'll be sharing here in various posts, along with many reviews of those books that I totally adore reading. I currently intend on their being 3 aspects to A Page of Love which is R.A.W - Reviews, Advice & Writings. The writings section will be where I write my little heart out from writing prompts (an exercise I love doing), and short stories that I've written.

So what kind of book reviews will I feature here? Do I have some top authors I adore?

Sure I do! My top 5 authors right now are;

  1. Sophie Kinsella
  2. Emma Garcia
  3. Carole Matthews
  4. Debbie Macomber
  5. Karen Thompson-Walker

I've reviewed many books over the past couple of years, mainly self help/personal development books that reflect my practice as a fully trained and qualified life coach, but I also had dabbled in a few reviews for chick-lit novels which are a huge passion of mine! It's those chick-lit titles that will feature here, along with author interviews, and recommended titles.

As well as reading pretty awesome books, reviewing them, being a life coach (& keeping a life coaching blog), I also happen to be a trainee teacher in a primary school which I adore doing! There is just something so wonderful about teaching and working with the little darlings, watching them grow up and then express tears when they leave because as much as they have annoyed you, you just can't help but miss them!

If you are an author or a publishing house and would like me to review your book, and are willing to send me a copy then you can send me an email to Dawn.Brierley@gmail.com

Please let me know in the email if there is a specific deadline for the book review, or want it posting at a certain time due to promotion and release dates, I'm happy to work around your needs. I'm also more than happy to review books that have been in publication for a while but you'd like readers to be reminded about them.

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