Life Lessons Come In Nugget Size

Hey Lovely, 

How are you doing? I took the whole of September off to focus on getting back into the swing of work which meant that I didn't have much time for reading - not like I used to. It exhausting looking after 30 children every day and this time around they are the little ones, so I very rarely get to sit down for long at work. It's very busy and by the time I get home I'm just wanting to relax and sleep. 

Anyway, I did manage to read a few books over an extended period which I will be sharing with you over the coming couple of weeks by way of catching up. We have lots to look forward to. 

First up is an absolute dream book for those of us who are so busy and need short and insightful. It's by a wonderful author whom I have so much love for; Julia Cameron. Some of you may know her from ther famous The Artists Way book that introduced the world to Morning Pages. I first discovered Julia at University when I was studying Creative Writing and I still to this day love her work and techniques I learnt from her. 

Shall we take a look at this book she's recently published? Good I'm glad you said so. 

Life Lessons : 125 Prayers and Meditations is written by Julia Cameron, and is published by Hay House UK

In her signature compassionate voice that has won over the hearts of millions, Julia Cameron offers a collection of inspiring and encouraging messages to help you notice the beauty of life, trust the unfolding of events and know that you being looked after and protected, no matter what is happening.

All too often we yearn for a more spiritual life but tell ourselves it's too difficult. But the smallest prayer is heard and answered. The simplest overture meets with a loving response. Each of the prayers in this book is a starting point. Taken collectively, they offer an approach to the Divine that is powerful as well as simple. These prayers not only allow us to reach out to God, but they allow the Divine Energy to reach out to us.

The book is called Life Lessons because each entry is a corrective to commonly held misconceptions of the divine. Like the postures assumed in hatha yoga, they stretch us gently. Through these prayers, we learn more of ourselves and the divine. 

A little different from the fictional books I usually review her but I found reading Life Lessons really inspiring. Literally a sentence of two to a page, Julia offers us inspiring wisdom that is a lesson of life for us to pray over, meditate on, or like me; think about or journal on. 

In the hectic daily lives that we all have, we seem to have less and less time to think about life or what it's trying to teach us and indeed what we are already in possession of in terms of life experience and wisdom. We just work to live rather than living to work. Life Lessons offers us that moment of stillness, of mindfulness to just stop, breathe and think. 

I loved this book and its placed near the front door so that just before I pick my keys up to leave I can read a nugget of wisdom, and do the same when I come home from work. 

I've found myself journalling on occasion on some of the nuggets to record my own thoughts. 

I really like this book, and award it 4/5 stars. 

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