Once in a Lifetime ... by Cathy Kelly

Published : 3 March 2009
Publisher : Harper
Pages : 480
Price : RRP £7.99
Amazon Price £5.59

Author : Cathy Kelly
Reviewer Rating : 10/10

Something happens that changes you forever…

Ingrid Fitzgerald is flying high. A successful TV presenter, she's happily married with two wonderful children. But as they fly the nest, she's about to discover a secret that will shatter her world.

Natalie Flynn is falling in love – but the secrecy surrounding her mother's past still troubles her.

And Charlie Fallon loves her family and her job at Kenny's Department Store, but could now be the time to fight for her own happiness?

The woman with the power to help them is free spirit Star Bluestone. Experience tells her that the important things in life must be treasured and the chance for real joy comes only once in a lifetime…
Before reading this book, I was a 'Cathy Kelly' virgin having read none of her work ever. However, despite the slow start (and rather lengthy opening chapters) by the turn of the last page I was a full convert and scooped up her "The Honey Queen" in my local supermarket for more of Cathy's magical wordage.
I've always been a HUGE chick lit fan, and "Once in a Lifetime" was a grown up version of this which is why I have included this on the blog (and because I simply LOVED it!). Weaving life in and out of 5 major characters in this book along with their friends, and family you never once feel left out, you simply are travelling along this discovery journey with each character in anticipation of what they will uncover and share with you.
Natalie gave me the most "laugh out loud" moments especially when she discusses her keeping a 'Gratitude Journal' which in less than a week turns into an 'Anti-Gratitude Journal' that happens to benefit her far more as a person that being positive 100% of the time ever could. The discoveries Natalie makes are soul searchingly beautiful for many reasons.
Ingrid, represents that high powered, self assertive, all-knowing woman we have within us, know of, and want to be more like. But as Ingrid shows through her own tapestry of life, sometimes not even those key skills in life can stop your heart from momentarily breaking.
Charlie, is the best friend that we all love and would never wish harm upon, she is also the strong willed woman who puts her family first and knows where her true morals and values lie - a highly inspirational character.
Star Bluestone, the glue of these character's universe - She was a calming, thrilling and yet peacefully captivating woman who was wise, truly knowing and a white witch in helping all these characters lives make sense, feel wholesome and complete, and I have to say, Star worked a bit of her magic upon me. 

"Once in a Lifetime" is not just a book that was written way back and published in 2009 and therefore should be left on the shelf as it's not a "NEW RELEASE", it's a book of healing, magic, memories, togetherness, community and wisdom beyond years. I highly recommend this book, and I keep nudging my Mum to read it next after she finishes her current read. If I had to sum this book up in no more than 5 words, it would be easy.



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